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Fw: DNA Databases and Newborn Testing.

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  • Violet Jones
    From a newsgroup listener, with regards to today s show Hi Alex and Violet, I just would like to make a comment about this. A little background, the genetic
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2002
      From a newsgroup listener, with regards to today's show

      Hi Alex and Violet,
          I just would like to make a comment about this. A little background, the genetic disorder I have is called PKU for short or Phenylketonuria. In order for me to live a normal life I have to be on a low-protien very restrictive diet for my entire life. If I'm not on this diet, a specific amino acid builds up in my body and destroys my brain. If you don't catch it when you're born then you can do severe brain damage, and if you're never treated you're become a vegetable. Through research and personal observation some of the people in Hitlers mental institutions most likely had this same genetic disorder, and could have had real lives ( Even if it was in Nazi Germany :P )
      This new-born screening is conducted to ensure people who have this arn't missed, and it is vitally important for it to be caught with in the first few days of life. All States now have laws, spured on by a grassroots movement of concerned parents. My disorder like most of the ones that they screen for at birth are Very Very Rare. However, I agree that they are probably going to be storing that in a Database, but all states have laws which require the hospitals to take the heal prick test. It makes me sick every time I go to the hospital and think about what they could do with my DNA.
          You also mentioned Insurance, in order for me to conduct a normal life, I have to have a protien supplement, Its like pulling teeth to get insurance companies to fund these products. You have to have a perscription to get it, but its not a prescription drugs, so they use that to play games with you. It will only get worse in the future, not only for people with ligitmate medical disorders, but people who are otherwise normal. They don't need to keep your blood or DNA.
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