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Fw: Listener Review of Minority Report.

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  • Violet Jones
    from a newsgroup member: I just watched the new Movie Minority Report and thought I would post a review I wrote about it. Dd. A Review of the Minority Report.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2002
      from a newsgroup member:
      I just watched the new Movie Minority Report and thought I would post a review I wrote about it.
      A Review of the Minority Report.
           I would like to give you a little background about myself before getting into the review. I was born in Wales, and I'm a British Citizen however I moved to the US when I was 6 and have made this country my home. I plan to become a citizen soon, although with current situations such as Mr. Padillia does it make a difference? I believe firmly in the Constitution of the United States, its founding principles and the Republic for which it originally stood. This review will be from that perspective.
           This movie is based off the novel Minority Report by Philip K. Dick, the authour of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep or commonly known as Bladerunner. The movie follows the character John Anderton who is incharge investigating crimes of a experimental crime unit. Designed to predict murders before they happen. In order to do this they use 3 people that are psychics, suspended in a vat of nutrients. These pre-cogs as they are called see into the future to see the pre-crime. The plot of the movie is very intricately woven, but John Anderton finds himself on the other side of the fence so to speak. The technology of this future is something that we've got to look forward too. As most of the technology depicted, with a few exceptions, is available today.
           Most people who go to watch this movie will go for entertainment value, but if you're a Patriot, and like a good scary movie I'd go and see this. I feel sorry for all of those people in that theatre that believed that was just entertainment, and sickened by those that would think pre-crime prediction wasn't such a bad idea if it would work.
           Now some of you who watch this movie closely may not be able to pick up intricate details, but I'm sure you picked up most of them. Those of you who haven't watched this movie may not be able to understand some of the explanations, but I'll do my best. Pre-cogs' psychic abilities came out by a "quirk" of science. The creator of pre-crime was a doctor that was experimenting on children of drug addicted mothers in order to "cure" them of there problems. Eugenics comes to mind. However, these children started to have what they Dr. believed were dreams, they were actually murders going to be committed. After the pre-crime unit was developed these children now grown adults became exploited for there ability to predict these crimes, and turned into slaves.
           Now in order for this division to work they would have had to throw out the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, as well as a few others along the way. Not the America I want to be living in, in 50+ years. Although it was not stated you can almost bet that the 2nd Amendment was gone too. To aid these agents in they are equipped with amazing technology, from jet backs to my personal favorite "Sick Sticks". I won't tell you what those are, you either have to guess or see the movie. The most disturbing thing is the rental eye scanning devices. They have them every where and are usually connected to product billboards. Imagine getting Spammed 24/7 when ever you walked down the street. These adds are targeted directly at you and call out your name wherever you may be. Then the seedy underground comes in to play where you have, for lack of a better term, "eye swapping shops". Where people can get there eyes taken out and fitted with someone else¬ís, the original owner is handsomely compensated I might add.
           I would urge all freedom loving Americans to go and see this movie and keep in mind, that we're quickly on the way to that society unless we wake people up. There is little to now swearing, however it does contain violence, and I must say one of the scenes at the end was the first scene I've ever seen in a movie that made me think about the brutality of violence. However, I wouldn't let that keep you from seeing this movie. There are many things I've left out so as not to spoil it. But its a really "eye opener" and thought provoking, and frankly after watching it makes me even more concerned about our future. It has to be the 1984 or Brave New World of our times.

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