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Fw: TV show 24 & more torture

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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
      > Good Morning Paul,
      > On yesterday's program, 2/28/2005, with Alex you mentioned the torture of
      > a
      > young man on the FOX TV show 24. Here in the US the program appears to
      > be
      > weeks ahead of yours.
      > After the noise torture of that young man, Sect of Defense's son,
      > they
      > proceeded to torture a Hispanic looking female CTU employee who
      > they
      > thought was in league with he terrorists. After threatening her with
      > life
      > in prison and used a tazer to her neck several times. She was
      > later
      > released when the real mole was found. Upon her release, her boss then
      > asks
      > her to return to her work station because she is vital to the completion
      > of
      > the mission. She agrees only after her demands for a promotion and
      > salary
      > increase are accepted by her boss. (What a country - capitalism
      > survives
      > thru the worst of times. Or what a trooper - takes a licking and keeps
      > on
      > ticking)
      > The mole turns out to be a black female CTU employee who they do
      > not
      > torture. (Hmmm. Wonder why? Could it be because February is Black
      > history
      > month in the US?)
      > In last night's episode Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer tortures a
      > middle
      > eastern looking man, Paul Raines, in a hotel room by placing
      > live
      > electrical wires to his chest. Only after he is threatened with the
      > wires
      > being placed by the side of his eye/head does he provide information.
      > Paul,
      > the son-in-law to the Sect of Defense, has in attendance
      > his
      > soon-to-be-ex-wife Audrey. She is in the room watching him be
      > tortured.
      > Oh, did I forget to mention that Jack just happens to be her new
      > boy
      > friend. (Its always good to have family around you have you go thru
      > trying
      > times.)
      > A terrorist's wife, a women of middle eastern descent and who is trying
      > to
      > keep her son from going to jail, is man-handled, choked, and
      > threatened
      > behind closed doors by a male CTU employee.
      > Also in this episode terrorists torture a CTU employee, a black man,
      > who
      > only survives by faking being unconscious. Unaware that he is faking
      > the
      > CTU agent "awakens" and he kills the two terrorists before they can
      > kill
      > him. (How do you fake that and would he have survived if this were March
      > or
      > April rather than February?)
      > At the end of the program the nuclear meltdowns are prevented but the
      > bad
      > guy gets away.
      > Have a nice day,
      > Larry
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