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The Pentagon's New Map: Our Govt's Hellish Vision of Endless War Against Hapless Third-Worlders

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    The Pentagon s New Map: Our Govt s Hellish Vision of Endless War Against Hapless Third-Worlders Why would our spooks kill 3000+ Americans in the 9-11
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      The Pentagon's New Map: Our Govt's Hellish Vision of Endless War Against Hapless Third-Worlders

      Why would our spooks kill 3000+ Americans in the 9-11 faux-terror event, you ask?



      Alex Jones Discusses 9/11 Wargames

      The current wave of research related to how wargames were used as the cover for the operational execution of 9/11 was first highlighted by Alex Jones in his August 2002 film, 'Masters of Terror'. This clip features Alex commenting on similar issues in a clip taken from an April 2004 Prison Planet.tv video feature.


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      Moscow Car Bomb Suspect Beaten to Death by Police

      Pumane died in hospital six hours after questioning. Initial reports said the man had suffered a heart attack, but shortly afterwards it was reported that he had bean beaten to death, apparently during the interrogation. 



      Zarqawi Group Beheads U.S. Hostage Armstrong

      An Iraqi group led by al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi beheaded American Eugene Armstrong and posted a video of the killing on the Internet on Monday.



      Convoy for Homeland Security

      Truck drivers across the country will soon be keeping their eyes peeled for more than just the right exit sign: They'll be looking for signs of terrorism which they can report to Homeland Security officials through a national hotline, thanks to a $21 million dollar federal grant announced on Tuesday.



      Soviet Scientists Planned “Invulnerable” Military HQ on the Moon — Paper
      In the days of the Cold War Soviet commanders and their best scientists were working on a project to build military headquarters on the Moon, the Novaya Gazeta weekly reports. 



      The Lynching of Dan Rather

      In June 2002, Dan Rather looked old, defeated, making a confession he dare not speak on American TV about the deadly censorship -- and self-censorship -- which had seized U.S. newsrooms. 



      Looks like U.S. troops will be leaving Iraq early next year

      INSIDE THE Bush administration policymaking apparatus, there is strong feeling that U.S. troops must leave Iraq next year. This determination is not predicated on success in implanting Iraqi democracy and internal stability. Rather, the officials are saying: Ready or not, here we go.



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