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Louisiana Bill To Undo Term Limits Passes Committee

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    Check Your Own State! If you reside in Louisiana and want to help lobby legislators and STOP this monarchy legislation, contact joemolero@nolajbs.net. He is in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2004
      Check Your Own State!

      If you reside in Louisiana and want to help lobby legislators and
      STOP this monarchy legislation, contact joemolero@.... He is
      in the middle of switching servers, so your e-mail may bounce back.
      Please keep resending it until you get a response. An automatic
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      Bill To Undo Term Limits Passes Committee
      by Joshua Delano ~ posted April 21, 2004

      The first significant stride toward undermining legislative term
      limits happened today with the passage of SB 114, which was filed by
      Sen. Charles Jones, D-Monroe, out of the Senate and Governmental
      Affairs Committee of which Jones is the chairman. The bill is a
      duplicate of SB 68, which Sen. John Hainkel, R-New Orleans, filed
      earlier. It will now be considered for a floor vote in the Senate.

      The vote came down to a 3-2 victory with Jones, Sen. Noble Ellington
      and Sen. Rob Marionneux voting in favor of passage and Sen. Jay
      Dardenne and Sen. Chris Ullo in opposition. Two committee members,
      Sen. Cleo Fields and Sen. Reggie Dupre were not in attendance.

      Jones says the bill should pass the Senate floor. "Many who voted
      for the bill (that created term limits) when we passed it have
      recognized that they made a mistake. State legislatures were
      following the federal lead (when term limits were made into law).
      He pointed out that a majority of both chambers will be affected in
      the legislative process if term limits are not repealed. "It
      several terms to grasp the process and be able to effectively
      represent the people you are elected to represent. You have to have
      knowledge to be effective.

      Adds Jones about the end result of term limits, "The peopleof
      Louisiana will suffer because of term limits."

      Jones summed up by relaying that he is a long time supporter of term
      limits repeal. He says that when Hainkel attempted a repeal last
      year, he was in court that day. Had he been there Jones would have
      voted yay, a move that would have pulled the vote to a 4-3 victory,
      instead of the 3-3 tie. In retrospect, Jones said that he feels the
      people of Louisiana should have the opportunity to revisit this
      issue and vote on it again in November. If passed out of both
      chambers with a two thirds vote, term limits repeal would make it on
      the state-wide ballot for a vote alongside that of the President, as
      well as Louisiana Senator.

      If this bill fails, the committee still has Hainkel's SB 68 to
      consider as a second stab at repealing the term limits this year. If
      term limits are not repealed, 50 percent of the elected officials in
      both chambers will not be allowed to run for reelection in four

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