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  • Violet Jones
    Dubya calls for US Gestapo The Feds will know what you re buying and what you re reading and what you re watching on TV, but they certainly won t be in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2002
      Dubya calls for US Gestapo
      The Feds will know what you're buying and what you're reading and what you're watching on TV, but they certainly won't be in a position to use any of that to stop terrorists. They'll be swimming in data, drowning in it, hopelessly struggling to sort it out.
      Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk:
      The Disturbing Trend Toward Federal Police
      It is important to recognize that our federal constitution lists only three federal crimes, namely counterfeiting, treason, and piracy on the high seas. The founding fathers never envisioned a federal police force, knowing that such a force would trample on the right of each state to enact and enforce its own criminal laws
      New York Times:  Traces of Terror
      Interactive Feature:  Pieces of the Puzzle
      Europe Police to spy on all emails
      Fury over Europe's secret plan to access computer and phone data
      Listener Emails:
      On the Oklahoma bridge collapse:
      I came across something I dont know if you had
      cought. Check this out, ALL of the victims from the bridge died by drowning
      except ONE, guess which one?!! Captain Andrew Clements died of blunt trauma to the head. He is the military officer that the mystery man retrieved the briefcase from. And a lot of things dont make sense but I figure the
      government is being run by a bunch of discordians who are just lying about
      everything, it doesnt matter, just to keep us spinning. Twilight Zone my
      friend, Twilight Zone.

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