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Give The Gift of the Truth this Christmas

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.tv is not only a great resource for documentary films, audio interviews and books, it is an activist tool. We encourage people to download the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2006

      Prison Planet.tv is not only a great resource for documentary films, audio interviews and books, it is an activist tool. We encourage people to download the material and share it via file swapping networks on the Internet with people new to the information. Click here to subscribe.

      We accept credit cards, paypal, cheques or money orders. See below for the extensive range of material that we offer.

      9/11 Revisited: Scientific and Ethical Questions with Prof. Steven Jones
      This video captures an excellent slide presentation by Dr. Steven Jones at Utah Valley State College examining the fate of the three World Trade Center towers. This is a very sophisticated multiple camera shoot and is jam-packed with "explosive" information.
      A New Standard for Deception by Kevin Ryan
      In an information-packed presentation of 58 minutes Kevin Ryan delivers a damning indictment of the official investigations of the total collapses of the Twin Towers and Building 7.
      9/11 The Myth and the Reality: Dr. David Ray Griffin
      Composed of two powerful speeches given the masterful Philosopher and Theologist Dr. David Ray Griffin at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco (4/3/06) and at The Grand Lake Theater in Oakland (3/30/06), 9/11: The Myth and The Reality exposes the official story of 9/11 for what it truly is: a sacred myth.

      Members get immediate access to every single Alex Jones documentary, including his latest blockbuster Terror Storm, in super-high quality format.

      Subscribers also get priveleged access to brand new Alex Jones films weeks before their public release!

      Don't waste your time with bad quality Internet versions, get the deluxe quality versions right here and support our continued growth and truth outreach.

      Members enjoy MP3 downloads from the best guests featured on the Alex Jones Show, some of the most influential minds in the country delievered right to your desktop or I-Pod in high quality audio!

      Alex Jones and his Infowars crew regularly undertake daring field trips and research missions to expose the truth. Subscribers get full access to all this plus exclusive behind the scenes footage as well as protest coverage.

      Subscribers can enjoy over ten hours of footage from the June 2006 American Scholars Symposium, other Alex Jones conference speeches, speeches given at the recent 9/11 anniversary protest and all future truth conference events!

      We also offer some of the best documentaries both classic and brand new from other producers, as well as lectures, presentations and speeches on a cornucopia of different topics!

      Watch Alex Jones' award-winning Austin cable access show in high quality every week as Alex gives passionate presentations on the issues that affect us all.

      Subscribers can download Alex Jones's book Descent Into Tyranny, Paul Joseph Watson's Order Out of Chaos, as well as books by other authors in PDF format.

      Members will also be able to access additional in-studio interviews filmed live during the Alex Jones Show!

      We see Prison Planet.tv as not just a service, but as an activist tool. we encourage members to download videos and copy them to DVD format to spread the word.


      "I have been a subscriber since it was first available and it keeps getting better!"
      Greg Boone

      "What a deal, you simply can't go wrong! I don't want to miss any of his video reports!"
      Cameron Goffin

      "To sum up Prison Planet.tv in a word....WOW! It's the best source of up to date video."
      Guy, UK

      "Prison Planet.tv has so many useful features it's hard to believe they're able to charge under $6 a month."
      Michael Lupacchino


      Please help us in this historic fight against the new world order by clicking here to subscribe via our safe and secure online processor via either Paypal or credit card.

      We now accept cheques and money orders for yearly subscriptions ($54.95). Please make them payable to Alex Jones Productions and send them to....

      Alex Jones Productions
      3001 S. Lamar
      Suite 100
      Austin, TX 78704

      Be sure to include a note that this is for a yearly subscription to Prison Planet.tv. Include your E mail address and what user name and password you would like. If you do not have access after your cheque is cashed, E mail subscribers@... for support.

      NEWLY ADDED: Prison Planet.tv Bulk Subscriptions

      The perfect way to educate your family members, church group, gun club, or local peace organization and receive massive discounts!





      Or contact us for a specific number (above 10). Simply e mail watson@... and we will process your payments and create your subscriptions.

      Please note that bulk subscriptions are not for re-sale.

      Become an exclusive member today! Subscribe to Prison Planet.tv!

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