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    CONFISCATION IN ILLINOIS THE DEATH OF GUN OWNERSHIP Besides the threat of war there has never been a greater threat to our nation than gun control. Ever since
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2003



      Besides the threat of war there has never been a greater threat to our nation than gun control. Ever since Bill Clinton signed the Brady Bill and put gun control into the public mind set, our Nation has teetered on the brink of civil unrest, and now a new villain has appeared, it’s called C.A.G.E. (Chicago Anti-Gun Enforcement unit of Chicago Illinois).

      C.A.G.E. is the brainchild of Mayor Daley of Chicago. The final piece of the C.A.G.E. puzzle came in place when Mayor Daley won a Federal court decision on March 8, 2001 that forces the BATF to hand over records on people who purchased more than one hand gun in a five day period. Under C.A.G. E. Mayor Daley is building a gun registration list of gun owners across the Nation. C.A.G.E. is being used not only on guns used in crimes, but also for the gathering of information on the buying habits of gun owners. Mayor Daley is clearly creating evidence against gun owners in Illinois and across the Nation. Under C.A.G.E. if a gun is recovered by law enforcement, C.A.G.E. sends the serial number to the BATF. The BATF then informs C.A.G.E. of the place of original purchase of the gun and all other purchases that were made by the original owner. C.A.G.E. then obtains copies of all BATF Form 4473, that apply to the original owners, thus creating a data bank of not only the firearm in question but of every other gun owned. The owners name is then placed on a list of suspected gun runners, if that is not bad enough, in a recent article in the Illinois Shooter, publication of the Illinois State Rifle Association, they report on several cases where law abiding gun owners had detectives from the Illinois State Police knock on their doors and deliver a stern warning about buying too many guns. This can only come thanks to Mayor Daley and C.A.G. E.

      Perhaps the saddest part about this gun grab is the inability of not just the Illinois State Rifle Association or Gun Owners of Illinois to stop this illegal and treasonous acts of Mayor Daley and C.A.G.E. but the inability of the NRA, GOA, JPFO, SAF, SAS and other pro second amendment groups to file lawsuits against Mayor Daley and the city of Chicago to shut C.A.G.E. down. People must be made to realize that C.A.G.E. represents the types of lists that were used to create the Genocide of the past century. C.A.G.E. is in violation of public law 274, 55 stat 742 passed in 1941. It’s also in violation of section 926 of the 1968 gun control act and even section 25.9 (d) of the Brady Law. Should we even count the violations of the 2nd, 4th, 5th or 14th amendments to our constitution, let alone the right of custom and usage of the past 225 years of the right to keep and bear arms.

      Even now reports of gun confiscation by the Chicago police teamed with Illinois State Police are coming out. Daley’s C.A.G.E unit is targeting F.O.I.D violations for confiscation. The F.O.I.D. (Firearms Owners Identification Card) was the brainchild of the current Mayor Daleys father. The F.O.I.D. was created in response to the death of Robert Kennedy and the race riots of the late 1960’s as a tool to keep guns out of the hands of blacks and others already in the state of Illinois deemed dangerous by the Daleys. It is also the apparent teeth of the confiscation now occurring in Illinois. The FOID card also mirrors the firearm license used in NAZI Germany. All of this activity is leading to only one thing, confiscation. Thus allowing the current Mayor Daley to keep his pledge, "that nobody should have a gun."

      Now the new twist, remember about Mayor Daleys C.A.G.E. and the creation of lists of suspected gun runners, enter in the United Nations, on July 9, 2001 a small arms conference was held in New York city on the agenda of illegal sales and movements of Guns (i.e. Gun runners) around the world. Coincidence or is Mayor Daleys data base of USA gun owners the list that will be used by the United Nations for confiscation in the name of stopping illicit trafficking in firearms (i.e. Gun running).

      Remember that reports of confiscation are already being heard of in the State of Illinois, thanks to the Illinois State Rifle Association for reporting on their web site isra.org the truth about confiscation in Illinois. What’s next.

      The solution, take action now! Contact your local, state and federal Representatives, demand an END to Gun Control, FOID Card and C.A.G.E. Unit. We should tie up Daleys C.A.G.E. unit in law suits and shut it down. File against Daley personally for 14th amendment violations and keep raising hell till we get rid of gun control and the UN. But at all cost we must fight! Either we fight them now in the courts and with our elected Representatives or we will certainly be fighting in the streets later.

      Let’s put Daley in his CAGE.

      Raymond Benwood



      Permission to reprint / republish granted

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