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970American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Jul 7 5:26 PM

      American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion

      The information highlight of the symposium was undoubtedly the Sunday morning panel discussion. The panel was a who’s who of the most credentialed 9/11 skeptics ever impaneled. It was moderated by Alex Jones who set the stage and pushed the envelope from his first statement; this seemed to energize the crowd as well as the panel members. The fact that C-Span had agreed to film this event had the panel chomping at the bit to hit bullet point after bullet point.

      First up was Prof. Steven Jones of BYU, his information regarding the use of not only Thermite, but in fact the demolition industry developed Thermate, which is basically sulfur infused Thermite. He was followed by the former head of the Star Wars program Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, speaking as a former interceptor pilot, with 101 combat missions in Viet Nam in F-4’s, he quickly dispelled any idea that the failure of the U.S. Air Force to intercept the hijacked airliners on September 11, was anything but an intentional stand-down ordered from the highest levels of our government.

      Col. Bowman was followed by the most concise explanation of False-Flag terrorism by one the world’s foremost experts on the subject, Webster Griffin Tarpley, who had to continually ask the crowd to hold their applause and ovations till the end, so that as much information as possible could be related to the C-Span audience.

      Then we came to Prof. James Fetzer, one of the founders of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, he mocked the official story with his use of a David Letterman styled TOP 10 LIST, on why 19 hijackers from a cave in Afghanistan could have never been able to pull-off an operation like 9/11.

      The speakers were concise and on point, they knew the historic significance of this event being broadcast to a mainstream, political savvy, audience and they took full advantage of their time in the sun. There can be no disputing the facts they stated. At this time there has been no response from C-Span on when they may air the panel discussion, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide this most important event to our Prisonplanet.tv subscribers in high quality - enjoy.

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