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831Prison Planet.tv Spring Special: Last Minute Extension!

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Apr 3, 2006

      Due to the overwhelming popularity of our $39.95 yearly special and after numerous requests, we are extending our Spring Special until April 10th ! This is your chance to receive over 5 months of access completely free compared to the standard monthly price.

      If you are already a monthly subscriber you can save a massive $31.45 over the coming year by subscribing to the special!

      If you are a newcomer, this is is perfect time to get onboard but hurry because this offer ends April 10th!


      Prison Planet.tv is not only a great resource for documentary films, audio interviews and books, it is an activist tool. We encourage people to download the material and share it via file swapping networks on the Internet with people new to the information.

      We accept credit cards, paypal, cheques or money orders.

      Click here to view sample clips and read testimonials from our satisfied subscribers!