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  • Violet Jones
    Aug 26, 2002

      Please forward all infowars.com newsgroup messages far and wide and let all those who care about the future of our Republic where to go for the most comprehensive information they need to fight the New World Order:

      Just Posted on www.infowars.com:

      Big Brother hiding inside carsÂ’ airbags
      Coinkidink? Monitoring systems are manufactured in -- KOKOMO, INDIANA -- Home of the Kokomo Hum...

      U.S. court agrees to public hearing for man accused of terrorist link
      A U.S. federal appeals court on Monday upheld a lower court ruling that a deportation hearing must be open to the public for a Lebanese man accused of running a charity that funneled money to terrorists.

      3D Body Holoscanner Leaves Nothing to the Imagination, Nowhere to Hide
      Airport screeners will be able to see you "naked" while the govt. is hidden behind an iron curtain of "National Security"

      The Government Admits That They Are Already Using and Plan to Expand the Use of Private Companies Like Your Local Grocery Store to Upload Data Daily So That The Loving Men in Black Ski Masks Can Build a Psychological Profile on You and Your Family
      Bush to Call for Fed NOC

      More Loving GPS Big Brother Propaganda
      Notice the article claims that child abductions are up, which is not true, although it is certainly the propaganda hype the military industrial mind control complex-backed mainstream media wants you to believe

      Child Abductions: The number has fallen steadily from a peak of 200-300 cases a year during the 1980s. This year, for all the sensational media coverage, the figure is lower than usual.
      The media has skewed the issue and played a primary role in unnerving the public.

      Listener Emails:

      From a Listener:

      Good afternoon Mr. Jones.  I am a 21 year old student living in downtown Portland, Oregon that belives strongly in the content of your website.  I detest Pres. Bush and all evil that he represents.  On his recent visit to Portland, I decided to join the PEACEFUL protest and voice my opinions.  There were around 1000 people gathered there and everything was peaceful until the 300+ police in full riot gear decided it was nessecary to move the barricade back less than half a block with no announcment.  As we started moving back, the police started soaking us with pepper spray and striking people with their batons.  I was hit with a direct blast of pepper spray witch made me vomit and cough and gag un-controably.  As I turned to leave the area, I was attacked with a "less-than-lethal" rubber round in the back of my right leg.  This resulted in punching a hole in my muscle and ripped my skin, leaving a huge bruise and a large, round sore on my leg.  I am not sure weither or not to report the incident, due to the fact I am sure what the response would be.  In short I am writing this letter to get your advice and alert you to the un-provoked attack made on peaceful protesters and media crews.  If you could find the time, please respond and let me know what you think and if you could maybe help me spread awareness of what happened in Portland, Oregon. 


      From a listener:

      I watched your documentary 911 the road to tyranny, and it absolutely blew me away. Although i had thought to myself that the American Govt was behind the instigation of the Sept 11 attacks, i never could put the pieces together and figure out why. And now it all falls into place, and it saddens me that the people of our nations have such apathy. Here in Australia we think that nothing like that could ever happen to us, but with the way our Prime Minister is schmoozing with Bush, i can see that it is  inevitable.
      I am going to tell everyone i know of the truth, and i will show everyone i know the video and direct them to your website.
      From a listener:
      My son just telephoned me from Addison TX which is a part of the Dallas metroplex.  He said "mom do you know what (little girl's name)  (his 4 yr old, who will be 5 Xmas day) just asked me?"  I told him no!  My son said that she just asked him if they had guns in the house??
      Finally he was able to get her to tell him that they had asked her that at her day care in Richardson, TX.  He  told his daughter to tell them "daddy said it is none of your business!!"  I think he may confront this school tomorrow.
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