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36875% Of Population Already Mandated To Take Implantable Microchips

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    Apr 18 6:57 PM

      75% Of Population Already Mandated To Take Implantable Microchips

      Prison Planet | April 19 2005

      From a reader....

      Your story about how the "Control System" is using the media cool factor to get people chipped was O.K. But those in that catagory are just a small amount of the total populataion that they want.

      It will be very easy for them to mandate chips for probably 75% of the population by doing the following when they are ready.

      1) All prisoners whether in prison or on probation or on on parole must be chipped.
      2) All convicted felons must be chipped.
      3) All military personel active or retired must be chipped.
      4) All personnel working for any civilian company with major govt. contracts
      must be chipped.
      5) Anybody recieving any government benifits at the county, state or federal
      level must be chipped this ranges from food stamps, medicare to retirements
      6)To travel overseas a chip along with a biometric passport.
      7) Lets not forget all kids in the "programming educational system." It is for their protection and efficient monotoring.
      8) Banks will mandate it like today one has to show a ATM bank card as well
      as a Drivers License to do a basic bank transaction.

      All the above subjects will for the most part accept it because they are legally forced to or they don't want to lose the SS or retirement bennies.

      The robotic blind ignorant sheep who volunteer to have it done as mentioned in your article round the whole control program out. Are there any truly free thinking free loving people and couragious people left. Sadly to say not to many of us.

      Keep up the good work--------Nick

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