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327Anyone Can Get A Public Access Show And Fight the NWO

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    Mar 30 2:28 PM
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      Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 7:58 PM
      Subject: Public Access TV

      Dear PJW,
      I'm starting a public access tv show similar to that of Alex Jones, but here in Houston.  It's basically free to produce and will cover current events, etc.  I believe that I can simply tape the shows at my place and deliver the tapes to the station (once I am a registered producer w/ their station and pay the annual fee of $200, etc).  This is a good idea for others to get involved with in their hometowns if they have public access tv available to them. 
      Wish me luck, I hope that I can stay on the air long enough to get a few shows over the airwaves (before they try to pull the plug on me).  My show is going to be called the "New World Order Help Desk" (NWOHD).  I'm working on the logo right now, which will be a simple spoof of Illuminati symbols but with a animated "thumbs up" symbol instead of the evil all-seeing eye~
      Thanks, I have enjoyed your site for some time now...
      God bless~
      John Weghorst
      Houston, TX USA