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3109/11 Martial Law: Rise of The Police State & Aerosol Crimes By Clifford Carnicom

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    Mar 2, 2005
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      9/11 Martial Law: Rise of The Police State will be available first
      exclusively to Prison Planet.tv members at the end of this week.
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      Aerosol Crimes By Clifford Carnicom
      The bombardment of the population with chemical compounds every day across
      US with chemtrails. Is this part of a secret government program to
      mass-drug the country or something much simpler? 
      Illuminati Secret Language: Hidden in Plain View
      From the occult layout of the Washington Mall to the Golden Pyramid at the
      Louvre built with 666 panes of gold glass, the illuminati's occult language
      is hidden in plain view.
      Alex talks with University of Winnepeg Researcher Frank Albo, who has
      gained international attention by analysing the grand Winnipeg building,
      complete with stone Sphinxes, which he now calls "the Da Vinci code in