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25Some of today's listener emails

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  • Violet Jones
    Jun 19, 2002
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      From a  Listener:

      I read on your web site several years ago about the United Nations getting
      control of  US. Govt. forestry lands through laws that were signed by our
      Presidents. I also remember that you had the actual congressional bills
      stating this information.

      Can you give me that info again or know where I can find the House or Senate bills that you had on your web site?  I scanned your archives, but was unable to locate them.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      From Violet:  The document you are referring to is the Desertification Treaty.  Alex had Henry Lamb on to talk about it several times.  I believe you'll find the information you need on Mr. Lamb's website, which is located at:  http://www.sovereignty.net/
      Hope this helps...
       From a Listener:
      I just wanted to say thank you for everything you are doing to fight the tyranny and corruption that plagues our nation.  I saw your show for the first time years ago in Austin and was so moved that each time I am there visiting friends I make it a point to tune in.  Right now I live just north of Houston but while I was living downtown last year I was able to see your show on public access late at night around 3-4 AM.  That was the first time I saw "Police State" and needless to say I was dumbfounded. 
      Besides listening to your show on the internet do you know of any other way for me to view your video footage in the Woodlands.  I live here for the time being and can't find your show anywhere.  Does public access Channel 8 out of Houston air your show? 
      Suggestions for getting the word out (from a listener)
      1) Large viewings of your tapes in large congregations of churches. Send them free copies
      2) In rented movie theaters
      3) In town halls
      4) Stadiums , where ever

      Alex, if they are conducting town hall meetings to de-sensitize the masses, then our forces must counter that with re-sensitizing sessions ; not just over the airwaves, but in person. Their may be some old movie theaters that are closed right now. These could be used to show your tape(s). Take care.
      From a listener:

      Hi Violet,


      I think it’s unfair, as one of your callers (Larry) said, to imply the children are not receptive to the warnings signs or conscious of the government take-over, being  completely brainwashed, although it’s not surprising if they are, mind-control is now a mastered art, but when I was young, I wasn’t aware of what the Vietnam war was all about, I knew some adults opposed it and were protesting, and that war is insane, but teenage kids have more pressing things on their mind, like their first love or first zit.


      We can’t expect them to be politically active, although some are, however, having said that, I inform my children on everything about the New World Order, from the true history of WWII to the chemical content of chemtrails. They understand as much as they are capable of, take an interest and make pertinent points, my children are not stupid. For example, they know that if the WHO gave us AIDS, how can they be trying to prevent us from catching measles? But if parents are complying with vaccination programmes, their kids don’t have a choice, do they?


      I am arming my children with knowledge for the future, they will inherit this struggle.


      From a listener:
      I think America is turning Nazi, makes me wonder who really won World War II.  Good to see that some people still have'nt been brainwashed.  Maybe you should visit New Zealand, things are'nt any better here.  Face the TV screen for the hate half hour, football at seven. The Fascist American state will treat us the same as the British did when World War III erupts.  Cannon fodder please.
      From a Listener:
       Hi Alex, I got your 911 tape a couple of weeks ago and it is your best. I have made and given out about 10 copies so far, I was going to check on to check on putting it on our local access channel but check this out it was, when I turned on the TV tonight it was already on there.