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207Prison Planet.tv E Mail Update

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  • infowars_newsgroup
    May 2, 2004
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      To view the members only material, go to
      http://prisonplanet.tv/subscribe.html and subscribe for just 15 cents
      a day.


      Alex Jones' Weekly Report

      In this weeks video report Alex discusses the Iraqi torture issue,
      vote fraud, Bush's scripted speeches and more. Lots of video and
      audio clips in this presentation, including a CBN report on Big
      Brother 'Smart Dust'.



      New World Order: Alex Jones Interviews Dr. Dennis Cuddy Ph. D.

      Mr. Cuddy discusses the history of the New World Order and iron cast
      evidence of the agenda to create global government.



      FREEPLAY (Available without membership)

      Vote Fraud: Alex Jones Interviews Bev Harris

      Bev Harris exposes how the Secret Service are harrassing her to
      release logs of people who visit her website -
      http://www.blackboxvoting.org - under the Patriot Act.


      Iraqi Taxi Driver Who Stole Wood Gets His Vehicle Crushed by US Troops

      Another example of how 'freedom' is spreading through Iraq after
      its 'liberation'. These Iraqis should count themselves lucky that
      they weren't tortured, urinated on, or made to perform homosexual