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1980Confronting Bill Clinton In Ohio

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Mar 7, 2008
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      A group of activists from C.H.A.N.G.E. Ohio attended a political rally near Dayton to voice their displeasure at the false flag terrorism committed by the U.S. government on 9/11. Two members were escorted from the high school at which former President Bill Clinton was addressing party faithful before the upcoming Ohio primary. Watch the full confrontation in high quality streaming as well as Matt Dayton in studio!

      The sign that they brandished said, "9/11 Truth Now" in bold letters on one side, and "The Clintons are Gangsters: Google Arkancide" on the other.

      By linking the black ops of false flag terrorism and the corrupt underside of American politics, the activists point to the criminal network that has seized control of the highest levels of the American government. A whole array of people have perished suspiciously in the orbit of the Clinton machine, leading to questions about the legitimacy of the American justice system.

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