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1764Alex Jones Live At The Alamo Drafthouse

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Nov 1, 2007
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      Alex Jones gives a speech before a recent showing of his Endgame movie at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. Alex explains how the information presented in Endgame is only a slice of the big picture about neo-eugenics and the feudalist agenda, before explaining why the elite think it is their divine right to rule and dominate the human population.

      Later in the talk, Alex divulges why the elite are scared of the general public's growing awareness of their identity and activities, which is why they are putting out disinformation about how "dangerous" it is that so many are now beginning to view history and modern-day affairs through a conspiratorial lens. In reality, the Globalists are afraid that a mass movement against their tyranny threatens the survival of their power monopoly.

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