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172The CFR's "Conspiracy Theories' New Twist"

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  • infowars_newsgroup
    Jan 13, 2004
      Suggested reading:


      To: CNSnews.Com & Mr. Daniel Pipes (CFR Member)

      Thanks to the internet giving us "kooks" easy access to network and
      build efforts against the NWO, our neo-con friends at CNSnews.com
      has a benevolent offering in the form of a very intelligent

      Thank you CNSnew.com, from all of us. I guess you're in on the
      conspiracy too. Dare it be proved?

      Read "How 'Conspiracy Kooks' Became More Credible Than the White
      House" here:

      Note: CFR member Daniel Pipes (http://www.danielpipes.org

      Also, thanks for showing that CNSnews.com is nothing but a neo-con
      rag! We appreciate it.