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164The Alex Jones Show September 22nd 2003

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  • infowars_newsgroup
    Sep 22, 2003
      There was some confusion today regarding the China 'baby-eating'
      situation. One caller asked for documentation and another denied the
      story was true.

      In the interests of clarity the news articles are linked below.


      BBC: 'Baby-eating' artist sparks TV row

      A row has broken out over a Channel 4 documentary which features a
      Chinese artist apparently eating a stillborn baby.



      London Guardian: C4 to show artist eating dead baby

      Channel 4 was yesterday back in the dock over plans to broadcast a
      programme showing a performance artist eating the flesh of a dead



      Reuters: Man Arrested For Protest Over Baby Eating Show

      A British man was arrested yesterday for daubing white paint on the
      walls of a television network in protest against a show in which a
      Chinese artist apparently ate a dead baby.



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