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1528Playing Dead: Amnesty Bill Miraculously Back From The Grave AGAIN

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  • sonof101
    Jun 15, 2007
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      Playing Dead: Amnesty Bill Miraculously Back From The Grave AGAIN
      Plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens never went away

      Steve Watson
      Prison Planet
      Friday, June 15, 2007

      The corporate mainstream media is working itself into a frenzy over the "revival" of the Amnesty bill as Senate leaders have announced that the legislation is to be brought back to the floor some time next week.

      You cannot revive something that has never been dead.

      No matter how many times Bill O'Reilly and Fox tell us the bill has "gone down" it never does.

      The bill has been reintroduced three times in the last month. The government has been pushing this twice a year for last six years. This is not a "second chance" for the immigration bill as the media is stating, this is the bill's 14th or 15th chance. We are continually being told that it is being brought back and killed off to the point where the majority of Americans are worn down into complete apathy.