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    Jun 26, 2003
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      Today's Prison Planet.com Analysis

      Government Promulgates the Wackiest Conspiracy Theories by Al Lorentz

      The most bizarre conspiracy theories to date have coincidentally been
      the latest ones advanced by the same looneybin rejects that have
      hijacked our government.


      Non-Violent Alternatives to Combat the New World Order by Erik Fortman

      "What can you do about it?" This is often the final judgment I hear,
      after weeks or months of debate which, if I am fortunate and the
      contester is open-minded, sometimes ends with a persuasion to reason.
      Once one has realized that our government is, has always been, and
      will be for the foreseeable future, an illusion, one must always ask
      this question. "What can you do about it?"


      Riding the Fence by Clint Lacy

      There are certain types of diversity that are bad. Mainly the kind
      that tries to make up for past wrongs by punishing present and future
      generations. Government to make up for the past has passed many laws.
      Many large universities have followed the government's lead regarding




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