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1345Special Report: Trans Texas Corridor & The NAU

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Mar 15, 2007

      Special Report: Trans Texas Corridor & The NAU

      This powerful special report features speeches, sit-down and location interviews with the leaders of the movement to oppose the construction of the Trans Texas Corridor and the NAFTA Superhighway, along with the Animal ID Act. Featured in this mini-documentary are Colonel Arthur Peterson, David Stall, Gina Parker Ford, Hank Gilbert and others.


      US citizens will be forced to adopt a de-facto national identification card and have their freedom of mobility defined by behavioural fielty to the government under proposals set to derive from NAFTA superhighway toll road systems and the implementation of the American Union. The open plan to merge the US with Mexico and Canada and create a Pan American Union networked by a NAFTA Super Highway has long been a Globalist brainchild but its very real and prescient implementation on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations has recently come under bright spotlight.


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