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1250High Quality For Members: Detention Camp For American Citizens?

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Jan 15, 2007
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      High Quality For Members: Detention Camp For American Citizens?

      A detention camp in Taylor Texas that currently holds hundreds of rebuffed asylum seekers who legally entered the country, half of which are children swept up in midnight raids, is a potential prime location for the enforced transfer of American citizens during a time of national emergency.

      The Infowars team recently visited the facility and were promptly told to leave the premises before having their names taken, but not before they were able to get footage of the camp "playground" where some of the children were playing behind giant mesh barbed wire. The children were kept indoors throughout the taping and were only allowed out when the film crew left to eat lunch. One local said that other residents of the town were completely oblivious to the fact that the camp even existed, never mind its function and purpose.

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