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1158Figureheads On The Chopping Block

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Nov 8, 2006

      Figureheads On The Chopping Block
      Big oil interests have had enough of being bashed over Iraq, Rumsfeld sacrificed, 'Democratic Revolution' a good cop/bad cop smokescreen, Two factions emerge, Is Cheney next?

      Steve Watson
      Wednesday, November 8, 2006

      Donald Rumsfeld's sacrifice has been a done deal for weeks and is the first scene of what insiders have dubbed a Shakespearean like play that will characterize the final years of the George W Bush administration.

      As usual all the main players have their parts, yet we are about to witness the implosion of the Neoconservative movement and a possible vicious battle for power between America's corporate elite. The 'Democratic Revolution' is little more than a subplot to the greater story, the events of which have always been dictated by globalist power structures.