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1063Prison Planet.com Kicks Some Neo-Con Rump

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  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Sep 14, 2006

      Prison Planet.com Kicks Some Neo-Con Rump

      Prison Planet.com | September 14 2006

      Here are Alex traffic comparisons of Prison Planet.com versus top Neo-Con shill websites over the last two years.

      We are clearly kicking some tail.

      Hannity and O'Reilly are plunging while we are steadily climbing.

      Ann 'Adams Apple' Coulter barely even stays in the top 20,000.

      Bear in mind this is just one website - add in the traffic from Infowars.com, Infowars.net, Prison Planet.tv and JonesReport.com and we are clearly streets ahead of old Oxycontin head Limbaugh himself.

      What is the secret formula of our success that the rest of these Neo-Con government propagandists have failed to follow?

      We at least try and tell the truth - we have found that approach to be somewhat popular.

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