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  • Hi Barb welcome to the list. I would contact Pis in your area (pretext) and see what the competition is charging Ron Schulte
    snaf001@aol.com Jul 5, 2000
  • i needed your help 20 yrs and 5 kids ago.. smile..... welcome B.J good groupe we have here...... Ron Schulte
    snaf001@aol.com Jul 5, 2000
  • welcome JIM hope y aenjoy our little group
    snaf001@aol.com Jun 14, 2000
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  • In a message dated 6/12/00 8:40:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time, misspr@^$1 writes: << Has anyone experienced any altercations with surveillance and what do you suggest in a sitiuation of this sort?? >> ya have a good story with cover in place
    snaf001@aol.com Jun 13, 2000
  • ya lie yer butt off
    snaf001@aol.com Jun 13, 2000
  • check barns n noble to see if they have a test book for your state. AND GOOD LUCK Ron Schulte
    snaf001@aol.com May 31, 2000
  • hi bud i havent forgot ya i been on the road hunting. i just got back last nite. give me a day and i will forward some good sites to you. I have to get this paperwork done or the judge wont let me get paid lol . if ya dont see from me in a day drop a note ron
    snaf001@aol.com May 22, 2000
  • Some people also (like me should never type when they have been in the field for 3 days). The death index will only tell you if he is alive or dead and you can use it to confirm the number/However you cannot use it to get his address which what he need to capture the fugitive. If i can help you get this guy give me a call at my office the number is toll free. 1-888-663-7715 RON
    snaf001@aol.com May 22, 2000
  • if you have a warrentt they will open there files
    snaf001@aol.com May 21, 2000
  • In a message dated 5/19/00 12:07:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time, skipchasers@^$1 writes: << skipchasers@^$2 >> im in the business have been for 20 yrs i was just wondering
    snaf001@aol.com May 19, 2000