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  • Hi Laura You might want to contact Cindy Rust. She is EXTREMELY good. Her info is below. Greg Garrett Cindy C. Rust DBA R&R Multistate Investigations PO Box 1118 Springfield, TN 37172 615-382-4433 615-384-5757 Fax SHESPI E-mail
    pidblg@aol.com Jun 12, 2000
  • Gene, Thanks for your reply. I tried to call you but your line was busy(just tried once). However I would like to speak with you and will attempt to call again if you can let me know the best time. I'm in Los Angeles and don't know what time difference there may be in the part of the country where you are located. Below is a copy of the original post to help your recall. Thanks...
    PIDBLG@aol.com Nov 20, 1999
  • In a message dated 11/11/99 10:50:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, ghume@^$1 writes: << ghume@^$2 wrote >> Give me a call today and I will try to help you out. Gene>> I appreciate you response here Gene. Give me a phone number I will be glad to call. Thanks, Greg Garrett
    PIDBLG@aol.com Nov 11, 1999
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  • I need someone to make general inquiries about several companies in the Bahamas. Any referrals? Thanks, Greg Garrett Garrett & Associates Los Angeles, California
    PIDBLG@aol.com Nov 10, 1999
  • Who are you and why are you in need of this info? Greg Garrett Garrett & Associates Los Angeles, CA.
    PIDBLG@aol.com Oct 12, 1999
  • Welcome to you and your company, Andy. Thanks for the intro. You will find that in many ways this NG is very well liked and participated in by many other PI professionals. Looking forward to your professional insights and comments. Greg Garrett Garrett & Associates Los Angeles, CA.
    PIDBLG@aol.com Oct 8, 1999
  • I posted this info some weeks ago, so thanks for your kind response. I find it very useful even now, Thank you :-) Greg Garrett Garrett & Associates Los Angeles, CA.
    PIDBLG@aol.com Oct 7, 1999
  • In a message dated 9/23/99 9:48:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, jwindwalker@^$1 writes: << Hello Everyone, I am a new member to this list. I am more or less retired. I look forward to my experience here and look forward to learning a lot. >> Welcome to you, Jim.
    PIDBLG@aol.com Sep 23, 1999
  • In a message dated 9/21/99 5:56:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Snaf001@^$1 writes: << i collect in person all 6 ft 280 pounds of me (smile) >> That's enough for me to PAY + some.(:}) Greg Garrett
    PIDBLG@aol.com Sep 21, 1999
  • I understand (from client) getting info on companies (Businesses, Corporations, "Shell" companies, etc.) in this area can be difficult unless you "know" someone on the inside. Can anyone here confirm this as a truth or fallacy? Can you apply your resources or legit database sources for this information my client desires to have? Please respond with cost, rates, turnaround time and...
    PIDBLG@aol.com Sep 20, 1999