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Re: [infoguys-list] A jolt-more info

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  • Ryugen C Fisher
    Hello suesarkis, Don t hold back Sue.. tell us how you REALLY feel .. It is unclear from the posts as to whether or not Cpl Ard survived his close encounter of
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 22 5:17 AM
      Hello suesarkis,

      Don't hold back Sue.. tell us how you REALLY feel ..

      It is unclear from the posts as to whether or not Cpl Ard survived his
      close encounter of the Tesla kind - but if he has, perhaps the ECT has
      improved his ability to function in society ...

      I wonder what the test for Corporal is on that force?

      Having said that, it seems clear enough that waiting until the danger
      from the power lines was removed by those whose job it is to do such
      things would be the course followed by the hypothetical "prudent man"

      For the sake of argument, let us presume that it was not high voltage
      lines, but a ruptured gas tank on the truck.. would they have poked
      around before the Fire Dept got there to control the possible
      explosion? I suspect that they would have waited a safe distance until
      the foam was down. Which in turn would indicate that they did not
      RECOGNIZE the danger of the power lines vs the spilled gasoline.

      If they want to sue someone, I suggest they sue the police dept
      training officer for not telling them that that was a stupid thing to
      do, as well as the police chief foe promoting them, never mind letting
      them wander about the countryside -- makes as much sense as the other

      Saturday, July 22, 2006, 1:08:05 AM, you wrote:

      > Amy -
      > Corporals Ard and Scream are flaming Adam Henry’s. There was absolutely NO
      > rhyme or reason to suspect there were any other passengers in the vehicle.
      > After all, the occupants were walking, talking, breathing human beings who
      > waited for their father to remove them from the scene. With that said, if
      > there was still an ongoing investigation why did they allow the brothers to leave?
      > They should have secured the scene but NOT let anyone near it. They should
      > NEVER have allowed the wrecker to move the truck below the live wires
      > regardless of how many rubber tires the vehicles had.
      > If both officers were dumb enough to walk under the live wires on a number
      > of occasions, they both had a wanton, reckless disregard for mother nature and
      > all of her fury. Obviously not the sharpest pencils in that police
      > department.
      > Since the police department contacted the utility company as they were
      > already at the scene, it was perfectly logical for Brouss to realize that the
      > scene was safe and secure and follow their normal procedures. Presumably the
      > imminent danger no longer existed. Brouss had no way of knowing that the two
      > officers at the scene were two of the dumbest human beings alive on this planet.
      > No driver has a duty to protect stupid LEO’s from doing stupid things.
      > Their acts were unconscionable and definitely not predictable.
      > Corporals Ard and Scream have managed to win my nomination for the 2006
      > Darwin Award. I believe Ard will have a good chance of winning.

      -- Respectfully,

      Ryugen C Fisher
      -Serving our clients since 1984-


      7:07:35 AM Saturday, July 22, 2006
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