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Re: Investigators Needed Nationwide This Saturday

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  • Ricky Gurley
    ... or not. ... against unlawful ... the former ... personally harmed and ... awarded ... for injunctions there are ... I believe you Sue.. I have no doubt
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 9, 2006
      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, suesarkis@... wrote:

      > It does not matter what the State of CA is willing to do about it
      or not.
      > ANY person can file an action in the court for an injunction
      against unlawful
      > conduct. I've done it many, many times. Previously we would use
      the former
      > 17200 B&P but that was recently changed whereby only those
      personally harmed and
      > out of pocket can file that way and when they prevail, they do get
      > attorney fees. Although there are no attorney fees
      for "injunctions" there are
      > costs and I have an attorney friend who does them for GP.

      I believe you Sue.. I have no doubt that you could file a civil
      action in this case (in any case for that matter)..

      My point was not that a private person could not file on this case,
      but that I did not believe the state of California would see this
      case as something to spend the taxpayers money on. And because I am
      talking about California, I also stated that I could be wrong.. I do
      know that anytime the state of California will not extradite a
      violent offender from the state of Florida, on a felony sexual
      assault warrant, that there is a good possibility that the state of
      California will not get too involved in a misdemeanor licensing

      I am off to court, talk to ya later Sue. Have a good day and take


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      Columbia, Missouri
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