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  • David
    Rick, I applauded you for taking the initiative in contacting Mr. Bryan Smith regarding this issue, now maybe we can stop whipping the dead horse and move
    Message 1 of 5 , May 24, 2006
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      I applauded you for taking the initiative in contacting Mr. Bryan Smith regarding this issue, now "maybe" we can stop whipping the dead horse and move on.


      David Carrasco
      CIS Investigations
      AZ PI #1549436
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      From: Ricky Gurley
      To: infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 9:39 PM
      Subject: [infoguys-list] Re: Digest Number 1731

      Mr. Hrodey says.....

      "IOW, he knoweth not (or maybe does and figure we're not intelligent
      enough to figure it out) of what he speaks.I doubt he meant what he
      said to be an accusation, however, that's just how it could easily
      and properly be interpreted."

      Well... While all of you were rushing to show off your brilliant
      legal knowledge, by playing "let's show up the attorney", I was
      actually speaking to Bryan Smith on the phone..

      After about a 1 minute trace on his post, I found him at:

      Established in 1981
      Telephone: 310-470-6010
      Fax: 310-470-6735

      (careful Bryan, the "wannabe attorneys" will be calling now)

      I called and asked for Bryan Smith, and there he was.. I wanted to
      make sure that the poster was in fact Bryan Smith, and not someone
      impersonating him...

      And I gotta say, I like Bryan. He is a very nice guy, and he is
      pretty intelligent... Far more articulate than I am..

      When I spoke to Bryan, he admitted that the comment about practicing
      law was just to "rib" us a little, and he was not trying to accuse
      anyone of anything.... What I do find as ironic, is that Bryan Smith
      is the ONLY one in this whole thread that is qualified to give legal
      advice... And yet we are all spouting off like we are qualified to
      give legal advice... LMAO!

      Bryan actually has a pretty good foundation for the posts he made,
      although I think that it is possible that we could all be correct
      here.... Just some people try to make their point a bit more
      arrogantly than others, and that generally "ticks off" someone like
      me... As if the over one thousand people on this group are sitting
      at their feet waiting for them to disperse their divine legal

      Does the trial judge have discretion over evidence admissibility?
      YES! Sure.. That has never been disputed here..

      Does the trial judge have SOLE discretion over evidence
      admissibility? HELL NO! Because "sole discretion" means his or her
      discretion and his or her discretion ALONE!

      If anyone here thinks that a judge can't have his or her decision
      overturned by a higher court, you have lost your mind as sure as
      someone has won an appeal in our judicial system....

      Sue was right.. She was dead on about polygraph admissibility
      issues... Daubert has paved the way for evidence (more specifically;
      scientific evidence) to be admitted into court that was not admitted
      before, and it has also paved the way for expert witnesses to have
      their "keisters" thrown right out of court, whereas before they were
      allowed to testify... It has significantly influenced much of our
      judicial system today.. Bryan Smith was familiar with Daubert.. I
      think if we were all sitting around at a table talking, and Bryan
      Smith made that point and elaborated a little more, we may have all
      agreed with him...

      Plain and simple....


      RMRI, Inc.
      Columbia, Missouri
      (888) 571-0958

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