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Re: Which turnip truck ??

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  • Ricky Gurley
    Sue Sarkis said: Either way, however, it is then ruled upon by the Higher Court, the Appellate Court. Isn t that basically what Rick Gurley said also?
    Message 1 of 2 , May 22, 2006
      Sue Sarkis said:

      "Either way, however, it is then ruled upon by the Higher Court,
      the Appellate Court. Isn't that basically what Rick Gurley said

      Jesus H. Christ.. Now EVEN Sue Sarkis is right! Just joking, Sue.. I
      just got back from my house, sitting on my porch, picking my

      Bryan, Sue is right... Bill is full of crap (and himself), and you
      are a bit inexperienced... I see you have been practicing law about
      8 years now..? If you are actually the same attorney with the State
      Bar Number: 196500?

      I tried to send an email to you at your other email address at
      Greenberg Traurig LLP, to verify that it is really an attorney that
      made the post I read, I also looked for your bio on the website for
      Greenberg Traurig LLP, and could not find it anywhere.. So, let me
      ask you this, could you please share your credentials with us? Sue
      has a formal education in Law, and she certainly has more experience
      in dealing in it than Bill and I (while at times she is a bit of an
      extremist, to say the least), Bill has a BS in BS and an uncanny
      ability to get people to believe his BS, and I just have some common
      sense.... And I probably go to court more in a month than both Bill
      and Sue put together do in a year... So, could you please tell us
      what it is about you that would make us want to listen to your
      points on legal issues? Set aside the fact that you are the only
      one that has participated in this thread so far that is qualified to
      give any legal advice at all, that is if you are in fact one in the
      same as the Bryan Robert Smith; State Bar Number: 196500......

      Other than that, Sue is sooooooo RIGHT!


      RMRI, Inc.
      Columbia, Missouri
      (888) 571-0958
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