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    In a message dated 3/26/2006 4:25:34 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, president@jskramerpi.com writes: Well everyone on the list shall have by now read or heard
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      In a message dated 3/26/2006 4:25:34 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      president@... writes:

      Well everyone on the list shall have by now read or heard about Ian's
      passing. The problem we have is a 5 year old boy that has been left behind,
      and myself and a few others that were close to Ian want to make sure this
      kid gets to go to college. You have seen the link that Jimmy put up. You
      have read the mention of donations for Clay. I am personally sending out a
      plea to the membership of Kevinslist to each donate at least $100.00 to the
      fund. Everyone here knows that Ian was ALWAYS there for everyone. He stepped
      up to help any time anyone needed it. Most anytime he helped, I think you
      will all agree that his assistance would have saved you at least 100.00. He
      never asked for anything in return. He even declined offers to pay. I
      started this list to help out. I have never asked for anything in return
      before. I'm asking now. If Brian, Jimmy, Bill, and I have to do it
      ourselves, that kid will not have to pay for post secondary education. Would
      sure be nice to have some help though. I know I may be coming off somewhat
      forceful right now, and that I am trying to pass the hat. That is because I
      mean to. Please. Thank you.

      The link is here:


      Kevin J. Ripa

      Ian Carter is dead, not TV dead, not movie dead - the crazy Brit is not
      coming back for the next episode. He's gone, and there's nobody out there to
      replace him.

      You may have met him, you may have heard a lot about him, but you didn't
      know him - I cannot say I did, and I doubt there's more than a dozen people who
      get this post who knew his real name. He was an intensely private, personal

      Ian was not my idea, or your idea, of a Private Investigator - I don't know
      a single one of you who would, or could, have done some of the things he did.
      I'm a proud guy, and I'd like to think I could travel to a foreign country
      and find a missing child, so I could report back to those who loved them that
      they were alive and well. I'd like to think that, but in my greatest
      fantasies I'd not envision myself finding the child and bringing them back home.

      Kid yourself if you like, but we aren't doing that are we?

      The truth is, if my own child were spirited away to some foreign place, I'd
      do my best but I have no faith that I could get it done, or that you could get
      it done, no matter what I'd pay. The only real hope that I would have just

      Ian was not perfect, but in a world of empty promises and plastic people,
      Ian was real. He would help anybody whether he knew them or not, he has helped
      many of you, and there wasn't a damn thing in this world he'd not do for
      those he called "mate."

      Ian Carter and Jim Parker were here with me for several days and thru the
      last weekend before he died. We ate the best food, we drank too much, we
      blasted about the waterways of SW Florida in my boat, they stayed in my home and
      my children camped out in Ian's tent.

      It was a glorious three day holiday, and my family and I feel blessed to
      have been able to spend it with him.

      In the wake of this tragedy, Jim has done what he can and I'm proud of him.
      If you missed it, the link to the donation page is
      _http://www.floridadetectives.com/ianc.htm_ (http://www.floridadetectives.com/ianc.htm)

      Kevin is angry - but that's Kevin - he gets angry, and looking at the
      pitiful turn out from this enormous group of people that Ian called family, I'm
      disgusted too. I see names of people who have no money and are not working yet
      managed to donate, but there are a lot of names I would have expected to see
      there that aren't.

      His friends, our friends, with a pocket full of plastic who think nothing of
      dropping a few hundred for dinner . . . where the fuck are you? When I
      think about what he has done for so many of you, and what he would have done for
      you, I am just too disgusted for words.

      Mr. Basso, I don't know you - I have no idea who you are but I am grateful
      for your extraordinary donation. I collect wrist watches, and Ian had a wrist
      watch that I gave him, an Ollech and Wajs that I special ordered from Al
      Wajs in Zurich. I hope his son values that watch - I am going to send you one,
      and Kevin one, so you gentlemen have something special to remember Ian by.

      For the sorry mutts who cannot find it within themselves to cough up a few
      bucks for the child of this wonderful man, I don't have the time of day.

      God Bless our Absent Companions,

      Bill E. Branscum, Investigator
      Oracle International
      _http://www.fraudsandscams.com/_ (http://www.fraudsandscams.com/)
      _http://www.oracleinternational.com/_ (http://www.oracleinternational.com/)
      PO Box 10728
      Naples, FL 34101
      (239) 304-1639
      (239) 304-1640 Fax

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