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Re: [infoguys-list] Disability Discrimination?

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    My personal belief on this is NO... he has not been discriminated against. The county provided the first clean up free of charge and although his property was
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      My personal belief on this is NO... he has not been discriminated against.
      The county provided the first clean up free of charge and although his
      property was now within 'county stipulations', the subject AGAIN let his
      property go. Unfortunately for him, this is a case of "he said / they said"
      and without photographs of what he supposedly had and what they supposedly
      removed... there really is no proof of what he is claiming. His claim that
      they are discriminating against him because of his OCD disability does not
      fall in line for his insinuations of discrimination to me. They provided
      him with warning, they gave him ample time AND they cleaned his property for
      free (twice)!

      Additionally, do you know if has documented proof of being treated for this

      Just my personal belief....

      Michèle Stuart
      JAG Investigations, Inc.
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      > Around here there are county zoning laws that say you can't have
      > certain things outside on your property unless they're hidden from
      > view with a fence. Basically, they want you to keep your property
      > fairly clean and free from junk. They don't want it to look like a
      > junkyard.
      > There's a man who lives in the county who was reported and found to be
      > in violation about three years ago. His property wasn't that bad and
      > the junk was mostly behind his house. He also doesn't live on a main
      > road and doesn't have many neighbors. The county was after him to
      > clean it up, he refused, hired an attorney and they've pretty much
      > left him alone since then, even though he's still in violation.
      > Then there's another man. He lives off a fairly well traveled road and
      > has several neighbors. One neighbor rents out her three houses and
      > it's believed that she has reported the man on a few occassions
      > because she can't get anyone to rent the houses with a messy property
      > next door. The county came in and ordered him to clean up the place.
      > He couldn't afford an attorney as he's disabled and can't work for a
      > living.
      > The county was continuously after him to clean up the property. They
      > gave him plenty of time (several months) and even provided a very
      > large dumpster free of charge. The man tried very hard to clean up but
      > due to his disability/hoarding/OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), he
      > was not able to clean up. The county came in and cleaned up for him
      > which infuriated him. He was told not to mess it up again.
      > Two years later, the same thing happened and the county had to come in
      > again to remove the junk. However, this time the county took things
      > that the judge told them not to take, such as building material. They
      > also took things out of closed sheds and took valuable items such as
      > tools instead of some of the junk in which they were supposed to take.
      > When the judge asked them about this they lied and the judge believed
      > them. The county lies to the judge about this man all the time and the
      > judge always believe them.
      > The man believes that he's being discriminated against because of his
      > disability. He believes this because the county aggressively went
      > after him while they left the first man alone. He's tried to get an
      > attorney to take his case pro bono but no one will. No one will help
      > at all. It's unclear as to whether it's because no one wants to take
      > on the county or because they believe he doesn't have a case.
      > Does anyone have an opinion about this? Does it sound like he's being
      > discriminated against?
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