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  • Shelly D.
    Hi, Sorry for the cross posting but, this could save lives, homes & more. Let me first say, Paul does not know of this post but will now. I am NOT getting a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2006
      Sorry for the cross posting but, this could save lives, homes & more.
      Let me first say, Paul does not know of this post but will now. I
      am NOT getting a bonus, commission or anything by sharing this.
      With mud slides in the Philippines now, tsunamis, floods in so. Calif,& in
      Fl, Louisiana, & many other states. Hurricanes, tornados, earth
      quakes, etc. I think the earth is totally falling apart. Paul Purcel who
      is a PI and wrote a program for PI's & more wrote a new book
      called "Disaster Prep 101". The book is beyond great. There are chapters
      on, weather disasters, basic home prep, communication of
      help-who to call, etc., evacuation, shelter dynamics, prepping your gear,
      & a whole lot of great info. on these & other subjects related to all the
      different disasters. There's forms for, neighborhood watch's, neighborhood
      disaster assessments, the "last min. list", one that really impressed me was
      on the people in your home with a place to put a few drops of blood & a
      few pieces of your hair & all other info. on each person. I never thought
      the DNA which God forbid you might need some time. The book as I already
      said is BEYOND GREAT.
      In my opinion & I'm sure yours IF you buy/read the book it is something
      that if you have a neighborhood watch, LEO's, American red cross office
      near by, search & rescue, etc. you'll want to share the book & when they
      see it with luck & I'm sure they will buy the book. I've always thought
      Paul was a sweet, nice, intelligent person but, he has written a book
      that could, would, will save lives, help find them and a heck of allot more.
      When I hear of the wild fires, floods, etc. I pray to the Lord everyone
      will be OK. This book (which I do own) can save, help, etc. people who
      find themselves in a location of something that is coming (or there) their
      This book as it says on the cover is, "the ultimate guide to emergency
      readiness", & it most definitely is.
      When I got the book & read most of it I was going to send you all
      a post but, because of different reasons & mid-life brain farts I
      forgot. Now you all know & I promise all of you, you will learn
      from this book. I was a with the sheriff's dept. for 2 1/2 yrs. & thought
      I knew allot on what to do in case of an emergency, well I learned a
      heck of allot more as I read.
      Here is his info. so as to see about the book & his email addies.
      Paul Purcell
      InfoQuest Investigators, Atlanta, GA.

      6300 Powers Ferry Rd.

      Suite 600-294

      Atlanta, GA 30339




      Take care & trust me on this book, Shelly

      Shelly Daniel
      Able Process Service & Investigative Research
      Registered & Bonded in California
      Office# 760-378-2329
      Member of NAIS, Chamber Of Commerce,
      FOE, International Internet Investigators
      Historical Society, etc..
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