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Re: [infoguys-list] My lawyer wants me to sign unusual document

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    Also make sure your attorney cannot alter the minimum fee amount you put in and that you get a copy of the original document...but it sounds a joeschultz100
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 4, 2006
      Also make sure your attorney cannot alter the minimum fee amount you put in and that you get a copy of the original document...but it sounds a

      joeschultz100 <joeschultz100@...> wrote: I am a handyman, pretty low income. Some years ago I did some work
      for a lawyer, and from time to time have gone to him for some ligal

      After not getting car accidents for twenty years, I have gotten into
      three in the past five years. One is not settled yet. This lawyer
      has handled all three cases. In the first two, my car was stopped
      and I was hit in the rear of the car. I collected a couple of
      thousand in each case.

      In this one, the driver incredibly made a left turn in front of me
      while I was goiing 25 mph down the road. He received a warning
      ticket from the cop investigating the accident, and his insurance
      company has admitted 85% liability.

      I have no health insurance, so the lawyer sent me to a chiropractor,
      (whom I also knew slightly, having done some work for him). The
      threapy took longer than the lawyer anticipated-I had a slight
      setback-and the lawyer expressed concern about the size of the bill
      as it mounted.

      Now, something important about me. I am going through a personal
      crisis right now and am going to counseling for avoidant behavior.
      Nothing court ordered-I have no trouble with the law. Throughout
      this rehab process the lawyer has expressed some surprise, actually
      exasperation, that I wasn't paying attention to the size of the
      chiropractor's bill, in fact did not even require the chiropractor to
      send me a bill, figuring the lawyer would handle it. The lawyer said
      that he can get the chiropractor to lower his bill-he has in previous
      cases-and the chiropractor told me he would, because he wanted give
      me extra treatment after the setback.

      Now that the time has come to settle up this last case, the lawyer
      laid out the prospective settlement he is going to propose to the
      insurance company-a best case scenario he thinks he might be able to
      get at best. I have already signed the papers authorizing him to be
      my lawyer on this, at the beginning of the case.

      Here is the problem. He wants me to sign a document authorizing him
      to settle the case for a minimum amount of money. He says I can fill
      in whatever minimum I want, but he wants it signed. He did not ask
      me to do this in the first two cases, in which I simply accepted the
      settlement he made. He sad the reason was that he "wanted to make
      sure that we were both on the same page".

      Now, I realize the lawyer has been concerned with the uninvolved
      attitude I have had during this, sometimes not asnwering his letters
      for two weeks. I did tell him a few weeks ago that I was in therapy,
      and I think I might have told him I have trouble making decisions,
      which I do.

      Still, I wonder if this document he wants me to sign is the result of
      his trying to cope with a client who seems somewhat uninvolved at
      times, which I admit I have been, or if perhaps there is a nasty
      surprise awaiting me after I sign this and the settlement is made. He
      didn't require this document after the other two settlements, why
      require it now? And on one of those previous settlements, I also did
      not answer one of his letters for two weeks.

      Any reason why the lawyer would now want me to sign this document
      authorizing him to sign for a minimum amount, he does not care what
      number I put in?

      Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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