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Re: [infoguys-list] Question to Group... And to Bill Branscum and Bob Hrodey Specifically.

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  • Ryugen C Fisher
    Hello Ricky, I believe that in such a case we are dealing with a beast with two heads. the LEO being also a WITNESS. As such, information about background that
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 21, 2006
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      Hello Ricky,

      I believe that in such a case we are dealing with a beast with two
      heads. the LEO being also a WITNESS. As such, information about
      background that can be used to challenge testimony and/or evidence is
      both appropriate and necessary as covered under discovery laws (see:
      Mark Furman)

      However, running a background check on a LEO just because the attorney
      wants it, or for a non-attorney who does not a need to know for
      purposes covered under discovery the rules of evidence might be a real
      career ender ....

      Saturday, January 21, 2006, 3:17:24 PM, you wrote:

      > Hello all,

      > I have a question for the group. I have my own opinion on this
      > question, but I'd sure like to "hear" a few others..

      > Some states have laws against running background reports on Law
      > Enforcement Officers and disseminating the information to another
      > party, or laws similar to that effect, I am not sure that I gave the
      > exact intent of the laws that I am posting about in the first part of
      > this sentnece. Supposing you are in a state that does have a law such
      > as this, would it be legal for you to run a background report on a Law
      > Enforcement Officer if an attorney that you are working for on a
      > criminal case requests this information from you as a part of his
      > defense on said criminal case? If the Law Enforcement Officer
      > discovers that you ran a complete background check on him and gave it
      > to the defense attorney that was working as opposijng counsel to this
      > Law Enforcement Officer, is there anything that said Law Enforcement
      > Officer can do about this?

      > I'd also like to specifically ask Bill Branscum and Bob Hrodey if
      > they might reply with their opinions on this question, as I believe
      > both of these individuals have specific related experience that give
      > them a little more knowledge on how to advise me on this question than
      > most people on this group.. Not to say that everyone's opinion here
      > is'nt of value to me, please do feel free to respond with your opinion
      > on this question.

      > Thank you all for your opinions in advance.

      > Rick.

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      Ryugen C Fisher
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      6:39:24 PM Saturday, January 21, 2006
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