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  • Ron
    Dear R.J. Tavel: First off, I wish to thank you for promoting our cause by sending out our material. (I am interested to know more about your services.)
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 1999
      Dear R.J. Tavel:
      First off, I wish to thank you for promoting our cause by sending out
      our material. (I am interested to know more about your services.) Second, I
      thank you for bringing to my attention the response of the Arbitration
      This judges' concern deserves consideration. This is my instant comment,
      without consulting deeper. If the judge is exercising judicial discretion,
      and enjoys a defense of judicial immunity in any way, then he is the subject
      of JAIL.
      On the civil side, parties are free to contract with whomsoever they
      will on the terms and conditions established or agreed on by the parties.
      This agreement is governed by California contract law. As long as the
      Arbitrator Judge does not WILLFULLY violate that law, he should have no
      Criminally - if a party to the contract, for example, lodges an
      affidavit against the judge for criminal fraud as defined within the
      California Penal Code, with the appropriate prosecutor within the time
      provided, and the prosecutor fails to act, then the party may thereafter
      take the criminal affidavit to the Special Grand Jury for an indictment,
      which, of course, is an exercise of their discretion.
      As I said, this is the short answer. I'm very glad he has asked it. I
      suspect that I will be posed with many more such questions such as this. I
      would appreciate it if you would "bounce" this off the judge and get his
      response. If he should take issue with what I have said, I would love to
      hear it.
      Again, thank you for promoting JAIL, and please do inform me more about
      yourself and your services.

      Ron Branson
      www.jail4judges.org - America's ONLY hope!
      The Next Shot Heard 'Round The World - PROP 851

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      : Dear Ron:
      : I sent this message to my "Learning Electronically About Freedom" free
      : mailing service and got this reply from a lawyer-Arbitration-Judge
      : subscriber thereto. Thought you would enjoy reading it. sRJ
      : [More about my web work in the SIGFILE hereinbelow]
      : ====================
      : I like the J.A.I.L. idea in general - but there is one item which
      : concerns me - and that deals with arbitrators. Does this term refer to
      : arbitrators in COURT arbitration only, or does it also refer to
      : who are arbitrating under CONTRACTUAL arbitration (there are these two
      : kinds of arbitration in CA - where I went to law school and lived for a
      : while.) If this term is to be used to apply to private arbitrators who are
      : handling private, contractual arbitration, then under J.A.I.L. the
      : government in interfering in private matters. Please clear up this vague
      : language and keep private contractual arbitrators out of it. We are under
      : the control of our clients (and potential clients) - and certainly don't
      : appreciate the government stepping in. - Wolfgang Nordmeyer, B.S.Law,
      : - Arbitration Judge
      : --
      : On Mon, 18 Oct 1999 14:18:45 R. J. Tavel, JD wrote:
      : >Don't Give Up Hope!
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      : >There is still a sure-fire, legal, non-violent way to regain a
      : >of the People, and it's under way now!
      : >
      : >It's The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
      : >J.A.I.L.
      : >http://www.jail4judges.org/index.html
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