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  • dyana barnes
    Thanks, but my attorney and mgr pi already have access to databases, and when i inquired it was made very clear that i was not looking for myself, but for my
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 5, 2005
      Thanks, but my attorney and mgr pi already have access to databases, and when i inquired it was made very clear that i was not looking for myself, but for my attorney with his bar card, and my mgr pi, i also stated in my post that i would not be a pi until 2006.
      Do what you have to do I understand, as far as NYC/NYS is concerned I have not broken any laws, and all our paperwork is in order.

      Ricky Gurley <rmriinc@...> wrote:
      Ya know, Dyana...

      This situation is nothing new for me, and some of the people on
      another group.. We all watched you do this same thing over on that
      other group about a week ago..

      I suppose that you probably thought that the lady's on the
      other group that you tried to pull this stunt on were "mean
      spirited"? Actually, I could have told you that what you encountered
      there, was not even a sampling of what you would encounter here, if
      you came over here with the same crap that you tried to pull over on
      the other group...

      Ya know, it is irritating to work and "jump through hoops" to
      get a P.I. License and then watch someone else try to do the same
      thing you are doing without having to "jump through those same
      hoops", but not irritating enough to get me to complain about it
      much.. But, what is even worse is to see someone blatantly deceiving
      the public by saying that they DO have a P.I. License when they
      really don't. I noticed that you did not use the "I am a victim
      because my husband who was a Police Officer was shot and killed, and
      I am left widowed with a child" routine over here.. The fact is that
      you used that line to make an excuse for trying to be anonymous by
      saying that you and your child could be in danger because your
      husband's killer has not been caught, and you got busted on that,
      for someone that would want to be anonymous would not put up so much
      information about theirself on the Internet. Even if that were true,
      it would make it worse for you because you dishonor your husband's
      name by continuing to blatantly break the law after you were already
      warned over a week ago on another group on another group.

      I could have suffered your B.S. on the groups, if you had not
      been such a liar, trying to deceive everyone on these groups with
      false statements, a made up P.I. License, all in an attempt to try
      to gain access to databases that someone like you should not have! I
      guess you figure that if you can B.S. us, you can B.S. the database
      companies too.. If you are not responsible enough to obtain a
      license or at the very least some type of credential that would give
      you a genuine reason for using these databases, how can anyone feel
      that you are responsible enough to use them for what they were
      intended to be used for? Honestly, I am not "the P.I. Police", so
      other than to say that what you are attempting to do is as
      irritating as hell, I won't waste my time making any complaints..
      But I will tell you what I will do.. I am preparing a report that
      will go out to EVERY database vendor that I can think of via fax,
      with your information on it, and hopefully these vendors will spot
      you coming, and make sure they deny you access. My biggest fear is
      that you will help and serve to further screw up the P.I.
      Profession's legitimate need for the databases that you are trying
      to gain access to.

      Now I am finished, I have a report to write...


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