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Re: [infoguys-list] Re: Now that, by God, was a blow job!

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  • Linda Smith
    I wish you people would quit calling me names. Bryan McManis wrote:Greetings Bill, As a fellow Floridian I can relate
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 26, 2005
      I wish you people would quit calling me names.

      Bryan McManis <bryanmcmanis@...> wrote:Greetings Bill,

      As a fellow Floridian I can relate to what you said. I have lost
      track of the names and times from last year when we had 4 Hurricanes
      in 6 weeks.

      I do remember the sound of the wind. It is very scary to me. It is
      like a rumble and more like the ocean to me.

      I do remember getting very angry at Mother Nature at one point on the
      Hurricane from hell that lasted for 3 days.

      I stood out in my driveway in the darkness and screamed: "All right
      come and get me you damn B*tch.

      Just after I said that I could hear something pass over my head then
      to the right of me and the left. Like a roaring wave. Then the next
      thing I know I am rolling on the ground from the wind that hit me.

      That scared the crap out of me and I never did that again. It also
      made me respect Mother Nature once again. Fear is a good thing

      All the people watching these things on TV will never get it. You
      have to experience it to really find the fear and force.

      I was in a good place this time and everyone was coming here to get
      away. I am glad to hear you are OK. I know the feeling about not
      getting any looters. People here in Florida do not really have that
      problem because they know that it is not worth dieing over to get a
      few things from the storm. I have never seen any looting in my area
      at all. Too many well oiled weapons and people that now how to use

      Take Care,
      Bryan McManis

      Bryan McManis, BSBA, CPS
      Certified and Bonded Process Server # 04-3-7

      TOLL FREE 1-877-225-5928
      Office 352-624-1884
      FAX 775-206-9612
      Office 775-278-8074

      Kodak Certified Photo Specialist Certified Legal Photographer

      Member of: NAPPS Member of: NAIS Member of: SOFI

      Graduate of Florida Institute Of Criminal Justice

      Graduate of Detective Training Institute

      StandBy Member of MissingKin


      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, oracleintl@a... wrote:
      > Lordy, Lordy -- that Wilma was really something.
      > When you hear people talk about extreme winds sounding like a
      freight train,
      > there's a reason for that. It sounded for all the world like
      someone moved
      > my Everglades home to somewhere next to a train track.
      > Fort Branscum sustained no damage whatsoever, although many of my
      > were not so fortunate. Personally, I found that to be amazing as I
      would not
      > have walked out in my front yard during the middle of this for a
      > Even sitting out on my sheltered front porch, I damn near drowned.
      > It was about awesome - nature can be impressive when she gets
      herself all
      > worked up. It was a sight to see, and I guess the old grey bearded
      > sitting on the front porch sucking down suds was something of a
      sight for Mother
      > Nature too; the wicked bitch wouldn't let me keep my pipe lit!!!

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