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I.M.G., Joe Brougher, Richard Heilbrunn, and Jon Bond.

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  • Ricky Gurley
    Some of you may remember a case I worked a while back, involving Shelley Fogwell a fugitive that Interpol was looking for, and The Hobbs Melville Scandal that
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      Some of you may remember a case I worked a while back, involving
      Shelley Fogwell a fugitive that Interpol was looking for, and The
      Hobbs Melville Scandal that bilked some investors out of approximately
      $120 Million. Well, we did finally get Shelley Fogwell locked up in
      jail; in Spain. LOL.

      But here recently my old associate and client has used my services on
      another case that he is working. I wanted to share what little I could
      about this case with the group.

      Approximately one and a half (1 1/2) years ago International Medical
      Group (I.M.G.) refused to pay for some medical expenses that were
      incurred by an unnamed party who will stay unnamed. That prompted
      their customer to get in touch with Mr. Jon Bond, (who also had this
      same problem with this same company) who usually gets in touch with me
      when he wants some investigative work performed, or wants some hard to
      find information. After months and months of investigative work by me,
      my client has thus far been able to get I.M.G effectively shut down
      from selling insurance in Florida, as referenced in this link below:

      Furthermore I also found that one of I.M.G.s top executives a Mr.
      Richard Heilbrunn was at one time thought of as the largest marijuanna
      dealers in history, and was sentenced to fifty two (52) years in
      prison after he fled to Germany and was extradited back to the United
      States of America by the Federal Government for indictments that the
      Federal Government obtained in 1987..

      There are many, many, many more details to this case. But I should not
      discuss them right now. I can give the group the details that are
      already made available to the public, and what you have read is about
      the extent of it.

      This has turned out to be quite an interesting case, thus far. I'll
      share more with the group after more becomes public.


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