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Re: Illegal recording(Donna Snelling)

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  • john carman
    Donna, Don t waste your time, this groups, or my time with your LIES. How can anyone like YOU be trusted when they are making such wild and crazy claims? What
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2005

      Don't waste your time, this groups, or my time with your LIES.

      How can anyone like YOU be trusted when they are making such wild and crazy claims?

      What client will talk to you knowing that you will twist their words or lie about their case?

      I remember your attempting to "solicit" me to work against that poor lady Betteye to get into a bigger "inflated" case when it was against my ethics and morals. It was only worth several hundred dollars, nothing more. That's why I hung up on you, you stupid ignorant "swinehunt"!

      That lady did not have much money and she was quoted a fair market value for the work she wanted done and NO it was NOT a "pro bono" case.

      I don't do "Pro Bono" and if I did, it better be a damn good reason or I may be doing it as a favor.

      Just stop with the LIES and forget about it.

      Example: You paged me from Oregon(one-party state). I call you back on my cell phone from California(all-party state) Intrastate is also FEDERAL ....follow me so far?

      After you read the following sections, the bottom line is that Donna Snelling can't be trusted and you clearly lie and commit fraud when dealing with potential clients and other investigators. I will not take any calls from you or your so called "friends" as you also tried to solicit me to commit an illegal act or "inflate" a case price with that poor woman. Leave me alone and quit trying to rip people off. You haven't been retained by that woman either.

      I am sure others can see right thru your little schemes.

      Quit paging me and calling and STOP using my name on the group.. If you don't, you will hear from my attorney or maybe some "feds".

      John Carman

      Calls Crossing State Lines
      Calls that cross state lines become complicated legal issues especially when one state is a one party consent state and the other state is an all party consent state. What has happened is that you didn't violate the law in the one party consent state and violated the law in the all party consent state. Moreover, since the call went across a state line, the federal laws would certainly apply. The most famous case involving this type of issue is the Linda Trip case. You will recall that Linda Trip recorded the telephone conversations of Monica Lewinski concerning her relationship with President Clinton. Trip was in Maryland and Lewinski was in DC. Note that Maryland is an all party consent state while DC is a one party consent state. The law is actually quite fuzzy on these issues. The recorder is advised to assume that the sticker law would apply.

      See also: 18 USC 2510, Et Seq The Electroinic Communications Privacy Act.


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