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RE: [infoguys-list] Re: NSA Patent 6,947,978.

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  • Jim Parker
    Clearly, I
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 30, 2005
      <<< I have a 1989 Mercedes Benz (by the way, if you put that beside a
      1987 Mercedes Benz, there would be some differences besides the VIN). >>>

      Clearly, I was talking about two identical cars, but deliberately or
      otherwise, you decided to ignore that important part, which I find

      However, not as interesting as how you have made this enormous,
      unsubstantiated and unsupported leap from the NSA applying for a patent in
      2000 for a process to determine the locations of computers (invented by two
      individuals from Maryland), and concluded that it must be based on a school
      paper that a student of the University of California wrote in 2005 which was
      NOT about determining the locations of computers - that just amazes me.

      <<< And now I grow bored of "debate infinity", so Jim feel free to close..

      Odd, as in your initial post, you said "An interesting topic of conversation
      I believe." Did you only want to discuss it with someone who agreed with

      You were close though - another 50 or 60 paragraphs of gobbledy-gook, and
      you'd have had me convinced.




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