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Re: [infoguys-list] To Linda's Credit....

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  • Rob O'Neill
    Bill, Jeez! I think I just wet myself. I could be more certain if I hadn t also just snorted a mouth full of Diet Coke out my nose. It s quite hard to
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 28, 2005

      Jeez! I think I just wet myself. I could be more certain if I hadn't also
      just snorted
      a mouth full of Diet Coke out my nose. It's quite hard to differentiate
      between a cold wet
      spot and a warm wet spot when your laughing uncontrollably. One really
      needs to
      think of possible consequences before using humor in an irresponsible
      manner. An
      estimated bill for damages is enclosed.

      By the way, didn't someone mention in this string that they were selling
      Depends on the side? I
      should probably read these posts more carefully. Maybe I'll place an order.

      1) Pants (reason should be obvious) $35.00
      2) Vehicle Repair (I can normally read my email while driving without
      incident) $3700.00
      3) Computer (flew out of the car in the crash) $2700.00
      4) Blown Surveillance (I was tailing a subject at the time) $800.00
      5) Fines and Court Costs (again...should be obvious) $1000.00
      6) Dignity and Reputation...Priceless

      I would provide more detail but the nice officer is very enthusiastic about
      me a matching pair of silver bracelets. I don't understand the chain
      connecting them
      but Pappy told me to never look a gift horse in the mouth.


      Global Investigative Solutions, Inc.
      900 North Franklin
      Suite 401
      Chicago, IL 60610
      Tel.: (312) 306-9570
      Cell: (630) 803-7506
      Fax: (312) 306-9993
      Email: rroneill@...
      Web: www.gsec9.com
      Illinois License: 117-001149

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      > As you may recall, I was a Special Agent with Treasury and I suspect that
      > I
      > am still bound by former protocols.
      > On those occasions where Snoopy Humans Interjecting Typical Hypothetically
      > Effusive Asinine Development Strategems, annoyed us with this kind of
      > inquiry,
      > we were admonished to limit our responses to Factual Unclassified Common
      > Knowledge coupled with Your Own Understandings.
      > I trust that this has been helpful to you in resolving your issues.
      > Bill E. Branscum, Investigator
      > Oracle International
      > http://www.fraudsandscams.com/
      > http://www.oracleinternational.com/
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      > Naples, FL 34101
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