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  • Peter Lalashuis
    Received this message from my ISP. A year ago I paid $100.00 bucks and received a life long internet service with no monthly fees. Ran it against
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 1999
      Received this message from my ISP. A year ago I paid $100.00 bucks and
      received a life long internet service with no monthly fees. Ran it against
      Bellsouth for 30 days and had no problems. so I dropped Berllsouth and saved
      20.00 per months. Run my whole business of the frewwweb net. Now they are
      giving it away free. Oh well.... Netscape is coming up a free ISP. just
      sign up on the netscape email and they will offer the free service.

      For your review

      Dear FreeWWWeb Subscriber,





      Do you want to make history together?

      Well, it has been quite a while since I have written to you. Quite a lot has
      occurred with your FreeWWWeb since we were last
      in touch with you. I am going to detail such activities for you below, bringing
      you up to date on your network, systems,
      upcoming additional free services, and our ongoing expansion plans. I must also
      talk with you about the most critical
      requirement for our ongoing growth and long-term success, and that is something
      that requires your help as a FreeWWWeb
      Pioneer today, tomorrow, and for the ongoing period of time that you remain a
      FreeWWWeb subscriber.


      FreeWWWeb is now totally free. We no longer charge a registration fee, nor for
      our software when obtained by download.
      Physical software costs for those who need it have been reduced dramatically, or
      completely eliminated, depending on your
      source of acquisition.


      For those of you who do not know, FreeWWWeb was the first to provide free
      Internet access in the U.S.A. with no monthly
      fees. We chose to charge for registration and software in the first three years
      of our existence to offset the tremendous costs of
      engineering, acquiring, installing, and operating the network and massive
      systems required to do everything that we do on a
      scalable and reliable, yet cost effective basis.

      Now, we have reached a point in our growth, and in the industry in which we
      compete, that we feel we must now become
      totally free, per our original plans announced in 1996 when we launched
      Netracer, the brand under which we tested the free
      Internet access concept, with your help all along the way.


      We now provide dial-up access with a local call to about 95% of the U.S.
      population, and most of Canada. While we are
      aware that we all suffered some degree of aggravation during the move of the
      Smart National Network Operations Center
      (NNOC) from Connecticut to the 91st Floor of One World Trade Center in New York
      City, the move is now complete, and
      while Smart continues to install additional new servers and a large new
      newsgroup server, the majority of the new software and
      hardware platforms required to exist with stability have all been installed.
      Smart now employs almost 100 people in its NNOC,
      and has acquired many millions of dollars of additional hardware and software.
      The network and systems staff has increased ten
      fold, and now dedicated humans and ultra-sophisticated computer systems monitor
      all network activity for stability and security
      7x24x365, with systems and network personnel on site 24 hours a day. Shortly, we
      will bring live a dedicated redundant fiber
      optic ring circling the U.S.A. with even greater amounts of bandwidth for your
      ongoing enjoyment. We sincerely apologize for
      any stress or duress suffered during the past, or any future, network and system

      We also sincerely apologize for the outages suffered as a result of the national
      outages in MCI-WorldCom?s network during
      the summer. The dedicated redundant fiber optic ring to be lit up quite soon
      will greatly alleviate any possibility of those types of
      outages again. Kept in the dark by MCI-WorldCom, as were most other MCI-WorldCom
      customers as has been reported in
      the press, we were unaware of the cause, or potential cure time, of such
      outages, and thus unable to inform you. Some of our
      information regarding the cure of their problems we actually received over the
      radio! The Chicago Board of Trade, one of the
      busiest financial markets in the world, was down for five days as a result of
      the MCI-WorldCom outages. We were not alone.


      Because we have now gone 100% free, the cost of providing services for a rapidly
      increasing number of subscribers will
      become larger and larger each month that passes. The only way for us to cover
      these costs long-term is to obtain sufficient
      revenues from advertising, and a share of other entities e-commerce revenues we
      generate for them. To obtain such revenues in
      sufficient amounts, together we must add many more subscribers every day
      starting right now! We must, as a group, begin
      TODAY to rapidly grow your FreeWWWeb subscriber base. We must all do so today,
      tomorrow, next week, next month,
      and each month hereafter. If we ALL do our part, we can easily now become the
      fastest growing ISP in the history of the
      world! Reality is that if we all grow us on a daily basis, the growth we will
      achieve as an army, now that we are 100% free, will
      be astounding! You are on the team; you are in the family. Please do your part
      starting right now! We need your help to add as
      many new users to the network as quickly as is possible. {Product Codes,
      required for free activation, are available from your
      FreeWWWeb retailers, or at our web site if you look up your source of


      As a sign of our appreciation for your being a FreeWWWeb family member, we
      expect to make available soon certificates
      good for an at-time-of-purchase-discount of up to $300.00 when you, or any
      FreeWWWeb subscriber, purchases any one of
      a particular name brand PC manufacturer?s great desktop or laptop PC?s. Any of
      you interested in receiving such an offer,
      please respond to IWANTMINE@... and let us know of your interest in
      receiving your Thank You Certificate if
      you intend, or know someone close to you who intends, to purchase a new
      name-brand computer in the near future. Please let
      us know in your email when such purchase is likely, and whether it is likely to
      be a desktop or a laptop.

      It is very important that you, along with all of us, steadily encourage all new
      subscribers to also do their part to extend the
      FreeWWWeb family every day. Let?s save all those uninformed people out there
      from throwing away their money every month
      by paying for service with AOL, MSN, or any other entity that is not a child or
      relative of your family and friends, and thus
      should not be receiving their money every month!

      FreeWWWeb is now ready for significant rapid growth. Please, start by sending an
      email right now to
      GROWFREE@... and let me know, now that we are totally free, how many
      subscribers you reasonably think you
      can add over the next month, the next 90 days, and the next year. I look forward
      to, and thank you for, your quick response.

      As always, Paula and I, and all of us at FreeWWWeb thank you for your past and
      ongoing support. You kept the faith in us,
      now we are putting our faith in you to help us grow, grow, grow! Let?s have fun
      and do it together!

      Thank you.

      Steven and Paula Daum

      Chairman and Vice-Chairman

      Founders of FreeWWWeb
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