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Re: [infoguys-list] Nevada

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  • lorraine bennett
    true- in my state PI s involved in oen cases must share information but are not barred suesarkis@aol.com wrote: Linda - I think you might find that if it is
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      true- in my state PI's involved in oen cases must share information but are not barred

      suesarkis@... wrote:
      Linda -

      I think you might find that if it is still an "open case" that the records
      are not public information. Usually where a case has gone unsolved, it is
      considered "under investigation" making the records not readily available to the

      Sincerely yours,

      Sue Sarkis
      Sarkis Detective Agency
      (est. 1976)
      PI 6564
      1346 Ethel Street
      Glendale, CA 91207-1826
      818-246-3001 FAX

      If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English,
      thank a military veteran.

      God Bless America forever !!

      In a message dated 7/7/2005 6:06:16 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,
      clark_fork_idaho_pi@... writes:

      which part? I have been here 6 months and I miss the snooping-

      Linda Smith <emmylousings@...> wrote:Is there anyone in Nevada who
      belongs to the infoguys group? If so, I am in need of any kind of available
      information concerning an approximately fifteen year old homicide case which
      occurred in Nevada. The case is still open, victim's name: Barbara Nickols. I
      attempted to access the police files on a certain site, but could not. The
      victim was found dead of a gunshot wound, in her car, which was parked alongside a
      road. I cannot give any more information than that, at the moment.



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