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www.SCFIA.org lunch & learn on July 7 at 10:00am at Pomona Valley Mining Company, CA- Trade of Trade Secrets & Bail Bond Fraud

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  • David C Williams
    Please feel free to forward this on to law enforcement, investigators and insurance investigators. The Southern California Fraud Investigators Association
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2005
      Please feel free to forward this on to law enforcement, investigators and
      insurance investigators.

      The Southern California Fraud Investigators Association
      www.scfia.org> www.scfia.org will be having its lunch and learn scheduled
      for July 7, 2005 at 10:00 am at the Pomona Valley Mining Company. Visit
      their website at: www.pomonavalleyminingco.com
      ningco.com> for directions. The cost is a whole big $20.00 and includes a
      fabulous lunch and two great speakers. You do not have to be a member of
      S.C.F.I.A. to attend but afterwards you will want to join.

      Theft of Trade Secrets

      In this "Information Age," a company's confidential techniques, processes,
      business plans, and customer lists are among its most valuable assets. The
      ability to maintain the confidentiality of such information-typically
      referred to as "trade secrets"-is crucial for the company to maintain its
      competitiveness. Likewise, companies are increasingly facing claims that
      their trade secrets were misappropriated from someone else. These claims, if
      successfully proven, may result in the immediate closure of the company. As
      such, trade secrets cases are routinely bet-the-company cases. Because of
      the high-stakes involved, it is important to understand the basics of trade
      secrets law and to determine from an investigation point of view, what
      evidence and techniques are useful to prove or disprove a trade secrets

      About the Speaker

      James Lee, a graduate of Stanford Law School, has worked with the LAPD as a
      reserve officer for 13 years, taught criminal law and procedure at the LAPD
      and LA County Sheriff's Police Academies, and have taught classes in police
      civil rights cases. As an attorney, Mr.. Lee has worked mostly on civil
      matters involving intellectual property claims involving trademarks,
      copyrights, and trade secrets violations and has handled a couple of high
      profile white collar criminal matters including representing a defendant in
      the North Korean espionage case and representing a San Gabriel valley man
      for criminal charges of theft of trade secrets. Mr.. Lee and his firm, Lee &
      Tran , have worked on various trade secrets matters including:

      * Obtained a dismissal, via a 12(b)(6) motion, of a $10 million trade
      secret claim filed against a Canadian technology company by an entity
      represented by a 400-lawyer firm.

      * Representing a global Fortune 100 conglomerate based in Asia in the
      criminal prosecution of a former employee accused of misappropriating
      technology worth billions of dollars.

      * Successfully defeated an application for a temporary restraining
      order in a trade secrets dispute involving two facilities catered to members
      of the United States Olympics team.

      * Obtained favorable result in a trade secrets litigation between
      competing steel manufacturing companies.

      Bail Bond Industry and it relationship to Fraud

      Corey will be speaking on the Bail Bond Industry and it relationship to


      How it works


      Laws pertaining to investigators

      Highlights of recent cases.

      It should be noted that the top three bail bond companies in California have
      all been raided in the last few years by law enforcement.

      About the speaker

      The second speaker is Corey Friedman from Friedman College. He is a licensed
      private investigator, law student, bail agent, notary, registered process
      server and licensed instructor by the State of California Department of
      Consumer Affairs - Private, Postsecondary and Vocational Education. He is
      also a former paramedic and police officer.

      David C. Williams

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      7400 Center Avenue, Suite 209

      Huntington Beach, CA 92647

      (714)892-0442 Fax (714)892-3543

      CA PI License # PI 12300 Website: www.dcwpi.com <http://www.dcwpi.com/>
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      Serving Southern California's Investigative, Process Service and Computer
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