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Plz Reply OffList: ??? Interest in Complex Case Doc Management/Assessment

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  • oracleintl@aol.com
    To Moderators: If you feel that this would be a worthwhile topic for general discussions on your lists, we can certainly do this, but I do not wish to start
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      To Moderators:

      If you feel that this would be a worthwhile topic for general discussions on
      your lists, we can certainly do this, but I do not wish to start something on
      anyone's list that might suck up a lot of band width for no good reason.
      Therefore, I ask that anyone interested reply directly unless you would like to
      see this covered on your list.

      To my fellow investigators:

      As many of you know, I established Oracle International following my career
      as a federal agent; I was a Special Agent, US Department of the Treasury, and
      I was assigned to the Organized Crime Strike Force/Miami during the late
      '80's. I currently specialize in the investigation of financial scams, many of
      which are complex and involve overwhelmingly voluminous case documents. I
      established the web site at _www.FraudsAndScams.com_
      (http://www.FraudsAndScams.com) to serve as a conduit of information to those investigators who may
      have a similar interest.

      The investigative methodologies associated with complex case management
      apply to all complex cases (financial and otherwise) but they are dramatically
      different than those employed in simple cases involving facts and issues easily
      organized and tracked "by hand." I am talking about the investigation and
      document management attendant to cases involving that "room full of bankers
      boxes that no human being can make sense out of."

      What do you do when you send out subpoenas in a fraud case and discover that
      your fraud feasor is actually running an international boiler room - when
      the telephone company notifies you that seven bankers boxes of phone toll
      records are shipped to you by truck and the bank's responses reveal that the
      monthly bank statements with underlying documents EACH about a half inch thick,
      you can get overwhelmed right quick if you don't know what to do.

      How do you take a mountain of information, process it, organize it, evaluate
      it and manage it such that you can make a determination as to what has gone
      on, and then report it in such a way as to make sense to a jury of laymen?

      It's a process where everything from witness interviews to bank statements,
      and depositions to toll records, is organized, indexed, pdf'd, Bates Stamped,
      analyzed, dissected, databased and ultimately retrieved and reported such
      that each fact and issue is presented relationally (who did what to whom/when)
      as well as referentially (what document supports that).

      My question to you is, who is interested in this sort of thing? As I sit
      here working thru cases like this, I am wondering if it would be useful for me
      to publish a "how and why" along the order of the other things that I have
      published on FraudsAndScams.

      Rather than the "made up" examples we have all seen too many of, where the
      "examples" are set up so as to make products sell, it occurs to me that I could
      take a real case and show you how federal agents unravel a mess like Enron.
      I occasionally have cases where there are no confidentiality issues - where
      my Client is actually anxious to expose corruption.

      On the other hand, I don't want to invest and donate a couple of hundred
      hours to a project like this if I am going to be "talking to myself," so I would
      like to know if there is a genuine interest by people who are actually
      working complex cases to the extent that you have invested a couple of thousand
      dollars on the software necessary to do this kind of work. It would be silly
      to try to explain the most effective use of Adobe Acrobat, Bates Stamp Plug
      Ins, Referential/Relational Databases, Case Mapping, Time Line Generating,
      Graphics Production etc., to those who don't use them.

      I have been a prolific contributor to so many of these lists for so long
      that it should go without saying, but for those who may not know me, I am not
      looking to market anything. If I put this together, it will be free of charge
      like everything else that has been published with my name on it.

      Two things:

      1. To Moderators: I will cheerfully respond to any of our moderators
      questions, issues, and concerns and publish to their lists if they wish to have
      the material published there.

      2. To List Members. I won't have time to deal with individual e-mails
      other than to gauge the level of interest and see that those who express an
      interest receive a link to whatever I publish -- assuming that there is sufficient
      interest to go forward with this. If you want to be included, please reply
      directly with "Complex Case Management - Include Me" as your subject line.

      Happy 4th of July.

      Bill E. Branscum, Investigator
      Oracle International
      _www.FraudsAndScams.com_ (http://www.FraudsAndScams.com)
      _www.OracleInternational.com_ (http://www.OracleInternational.com)
      PO Box 10728
      Naples, FL 34101
      (239) 304-1639
      (239) 304-1640 Fax
      Illegitimi non carborundum

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