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Re: [infoguys-list] i wanto to cooperate with the project

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  • jose saavedra arias
    I tinhk it is a very goog idea to create a database, in my case i can send you too many websites links where investigators see and consult open soucers for
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 25, 2005
      I tinhk it is a very goog idea to create a database, in my case i can send you too many websites links where investigators see and consult open soucers for free. for example we can begin with mexican newspaper,pgr serch site,buro de credito and more that be useful for the database.
      best regard

      National Skiptracer <nationalskiptracer1@...> escribió:
      For years I have been working on an idea to create a database to
      be used for locating the employment of anyone such as is the case with
      some of us that are engaged in various facits of court judgment
      After the various federal and in some cases state laws were passed
      that limited the usuage of certain information (e.g. credit reports),
      I decided to start my own databases detrived entirely from non-credit
      report type sources (e.g. newspapers, tv, radio, magazines, face to
      face or telephonic calls, and even email.)
      As the file grew I split it into to groups one with email address
      and one without. This was partly due to the file size limitations of
      most of the then available software like Microsoft's that limits the
      total file size to 2 gigabytes +/-!
      I also included those cases where I just got an email on the
      subject and nothing else. The total number of both files exceeds 5
      I recently have decided to share this data with anyone else FOR
      FREE! I also felt that others could use my information and that most
      everyone in this industry would have something that they might be
      willing to "contribute" which would add to the size and useability of
      the overall data.
      Since all of my data (and the data I am proposing to add to this
      data) would be derived from non-credit reporting sources, its useage
      would be unlimited - meaning you could use it for purposes that the
      various other available databases requires some sort of useage fitting
      the federal or state requirements.
      At this point, one of my biggest problems is to find a database
      that will accomodate more than the usual 2 gigabyte limits. And
      second how to get this data "published" so that anyone participating
      can access it for FREE!
      Everyone has an example, an address book that contains what I
      consider "public" information - those business contacts, but also have
      some personal stuff like one's girlfriend, relatives, etc. that they
      might wish to keep secret. However, if everyone took this "public
      data" and somehow combined it together - imagine the usefulness of the
      I am willing to do the "leg work" - are there anyone out there
      interested in joining this project? If so, email me privately as to
      not to tie up this group. But if you have overall thoughts (both
      positive and negative) (I CAN TAKE IT!) please present it here to the
      group as I think everyone here would be interested in it!

      Peter Schwartz
      Vice President/General Manager

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