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  • Linda Smith
    I understand that the role of private investigator has been redefined since the introduction of the computer, and the information age. Does anyone know what
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 14, 2005
      I understand that the role of private investigator has been redefined since the introduction of the computer, and the information age. Does anyone know what their job description involved before that?


      oracleintl@... wrote:

      In a message dated 6/14/2005 11:52:59 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      suesarkis@... writes:

      Sorry folks
      but I do not believe you can EVER become a successful investigator if that
      your only experience before hanging out your shingle.

      I agree.

      While I do not believe that a person needs a law enforcement background to
      be a successful investigator, I do believe that there is no substitute for
      formal education/training and properly supervised investigative experience.

      When I hear someone say, "Way cool, I always wanted to be a private
      investigator and it's just freakin marvelous that I can have a profession without a
      formal education," I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

      Service of process, personal injury surveillance, cheating spouses . . .
      there are many things that a PI can do that may not require a college degree or
      professional credentials, and they pay pretty well. On the other hand, it's
      an entirely different thing to take on a complex investigation, ferret out
      the facts, write compelling reports, coordinate case management and testify as
      to your findings.

      I've heard comments to the effect that, "People don't pay for credentials,
      it's what you can do that counts." Those comments invariable come from people
      on the outside looking in - nothing could be further from the truth.

      In this business, the real money comes from law firms. There may be the
      occasional exception, but the case that will pay you more than $10,000 generally
      has lawyers involved and, although your experience could conceivably be
      different, I have yet to see a case that paid more than $50,000 where the
      investigator was not hired by a party's attorney.

      To that attorney, the investigator represents two things - an investigative
      work product, and a due diligence defense. If, for whatever reason, the
      investigator's work product gives rise to an errors and/or omissions issue, the
      attorney is insulated by the investigator's credentials.

      It is possible for a single investigator to generate in excess of $100K in
      billing for a single client in a single case, and many cases fall into the
      $30-50K range for billable hours. Those cases go to investigators with
      impeccable credentials.

      The bad news is, if you think you're going to hand in your Pizza Hut apron
      and do this job you are dreaming, but the good news is, those who are willing
      to do more than dream can make it a reality if they are willing to invest the
      time and do the work to get there.

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